GRE Total Score: What Is It?


GRE scoring can be confusing. What do the numbers mean? What are they out of? This guide will explain the GRE total score for both the General and Subject Tests, as well as give data on average GRE scores and how well you need to do in order to get a perfect GRE score.

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How Is the GRE Scored, Really? Expert Guide


The GRE can feel like a mysterious black box: your answers go in and a score comes out. But there must be more to it than that, right? Just how is the GRE scored?

As you might have guessed, the process is much more complicated than just adding up the number of questions you got right. In order to ensure the most accurate scores, processes called adaptive testing and equating are used. Read this guide to learn what these terms mean, how they affect you, and what has to happen before you get your official GRE scores.

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