William Moreno Junior High School: Full Guide

Location: Calexico, CA

Are you a student or parent at William Moreno Junior High School? Want to understand how to get the most out of high school?

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  • Breakdowns of student ethnicity, gender, and family income
  • How safe William Moreno Junior High is to attend
  • SAT/ACT/AP scores earned by William Moreno Junior High students
  • Which AP/IB classes you can take at William Moreno Junior High
  • Every sports team you can join at William Moreno Junior High

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Basic Information

William Moreno Junior High School is a public school, supporting grades 7 to 9 . It's located in Calexico, CA in Imperial County.

Based on its location, William Moreno Junior High is classified as a school in a midsize suburb. Here's the location on a map:

Contact Information

Mailing address:

William Moreno Junior High School
1202 Kloke Rd.
Calexico, CA 92231-3490

Phone number: 7607683960

William Moreno Junior High School homepage: http://www.calexico.k12.ca.us/site/index2.php?u_id=46

Principal: Gabrielle Ballesteros-Williams
Email the principal: [email protected]

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School Safety

How safe is William Moreno Junior High School to attend? Can you expect a lot of conflict as a student here?

To study this, we look at disciplinary data for two types of incidents at William Moreno Junior High: referrals to law enforcement (when incidents are reported to police), and arrests.

These are the most serious disciplinary actions available to school administration and are more severe than suspensions or expulsions. Suspensions are often discretionary and can be given just for being disruptive in class. In contrast, law enforcement referrals and arrests often indicate incidents that put the safety of other William Moreno Junior High students at risk.

Compare this school with other high schools in the same school district, using the following table:

Calexico Unified School District Safety

School Name Total Referred Total Arrests Enrollment
Aurora High (continuation) 0 0 207
Calexico High 0 0 2166
De Anza 9th Grade Academy 0 0 0
Enrique Camarena Jr. High 0 0 0

Sports Teams

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