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1. Will it be ideal to employ a logo designer?

2. How to build far more muscle tissues?

3. Is it worth every penny to buy Facebook likes?

4. Are the kinds of glass in Mark’s Mobile Keep inexpensive?

5. Is the rehabilitation procedure in Sage Recovery Villa Rehab Center successful?

6. Where to purchase force washing machine?

7. Building additional muscle tissue?

8. In which will i uncover help in my electrical requirements?

9. How to lose body weight quick?

10. Is there a Majory Difference between a 35 and a 36 on the ACT?

11. How to find trustworthy SEO Company?

12. Exactly what are the factors to consider over a plumber?

13. Are my scores too low for top schools like HYPSM

14. Why do you want to up grade?

15. What is the cost of projectors?

16. Buying the perfect vacuum cleaner?

17. How to reduce weight?

18. Where can I play internet poker?

19. Is cashback from online on line casino accurate?

20. Can it be safe to use servings for drug check?

21. How you can comprehend karma?

22. Why must I consider the sbobet?

23. Can I will need SEO services?

24. Should I want Search engine optimization services?

25. Just what is rhassoul?

26. Should you commence gambling internet?

27. Where to find dependable SEO Company?

28. Options to consider about karma?

29. Options to consider about karma?

30. Where can I request aid in Canada immigration?

31. How to loose pounds fast?

32. Should I acquire cbd internet?

33. Why must I recieve financial products online?

34. SAT calculator

35. Should I submit my ACT score or the SAT with subject tests?

36. Weighted gpa

37. Will colleges look at social media accounts?

38. First Author Manuscript

39. Date of Birth

40. How to get the proper gain access to ground forms?

41. Best ways i can make sure if your internet gambling site is safe?

42. Explain this confusing SAT math problem?

43. Would you provide cashback assurance for that advantage?


45. Best SAT review book other than the blue book?

46. AP Psychology

47. GPA on prepscholar

48. Simply what does cost-free movie internet websites get free from their generosity?

49. Can You Retake Only Specific Sections of the Test?

50. Is 33.5 on the ACT the same as a 34? Colleges and ACT score rounding.

51. Transferring after college freshmen year

52. Distressed when i learnt that my chances for my dream college are near zero

53. Do colleges accept projected AP Scores?

54. 8th Grade ACT Score

55. can i take prepscholar course if this is my first time doing the SAT test?

56. Should I take AP Calculus BC or AP Stat

57. A Task on the SAT Writing

58. Sat subject tests requirement for economics major

59. How to make an excellent theory paper script service?

60. School Activities

61. Well rounded vs Spike

62. Varying performance for specific type of SAT passage?

63. ACT for 8th Grader

64. ACT for 8th Grader

65. ACT for 8th Grader

66. ACT for 8th Grader

67. ACT for 8th Grader

68. switching between subjects on the sat subject test

69. is the casio FX-573es allowed in the new SAT?

70. Do colleges have to see my SAT essay score with superscoring?

71. Will colleges superscore between new SATs with and without essays?

72. Can I take the SAT/ACT as a rising junior?

73. low Math 680 and high CRW 780...

74. Questions about school-related stuff

75. Is it OK to take Math and Science only APs in High School ?

76. Is it OK to take Math and Science only APs in High School ?

77. [closed] How much will not taking a foreign language impact my chances at top tier universities?

78. Can I get into top colleges with no foreign language in high school?

79. Should I apply to college with my life passion or my academic strength?

80. Choosing Between the ACT and SAT

81. Information about upcoming SAT dates In India

82. New SAT Help Me With Math?

83. [closed] Choosing Between the SAT or ACT

84. [closed] Choosing Between the ACT and SAT

85. Can I go to college if I'm an undocumented immigrant?

86. AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC?

87. [closed] What are my odds of me getting into Wake Forest?

88. Will by College App be Helped by Harvard Extension School Grad Course?

89. Is making USABO camp(top 20) good enough to be a spike for Ivy League colleges?

90. Bad GPA Because I Went to a Competitive High School?

91. Strong Extracurriculars and Academics but Bad SAT Scores

92. ACT superscore decision

93. PrepScholar and Khan Acedemy

94. Do essay scores have to be sent to colleges with the test score?

95. how to ace the SAT subjects test

96. how to ace the SAT subjects test

97. What chance do I stand at getting into these schools?

98. GPA Calculator

99. Is sat score valid for universties/collages in England?

100. Books required for preparing sat [first time]

101. MIT admission sat subject exam dates in Sri lanka

102. I am an average or high SAT student ( I get 5 to 8 out of 10 or 11 questions per passage). . How much time should I spend on reviewing answers per passage. On SAT (reading or writing section). But English isn't my native language .

103. How will schools change my transcript, and what can I do to improve my chance?

104. AP classes?

105. Where can I find free SAT math questions online?

106. My school is forcing me to retake my ACT even though I scored a 31.

107. "Compelling" Personal Statement?

108. How to write my essay within short deadline?

109. Do I need to submit both Transcripts for the college aps.


111. Scores for admission to top computer science schools

112. Is It Possible to Raise My SAT Score by 200 Points in 15 Days?

113. Bilangual diploma or AP

114. where is the best place for buying a paper ?

115. Last Elective: AP Chemistry or AP Statistics?

116. Physical Education

117. My School's Misleading Profile

118. How Colleges View Grade Percentages

119. My School Doesn't Offer Any AP Classes for the Exam

120. International Transfer Financial Aid

121. Financial Aid

122. Early decision and Regular decision..

123. SAT with Essay

124. Which high school electives look good on your transcript?

125. International application for Harvard

126. Extracurriculars commitment

127. How important is commitment with extracurriculars

128. How important is commitment with extracurriculars

129. How important is commitment with extracurriculars

130. Best free summer programs in political science and english

131. How to get into the Research Science Institute

132. Rolling Admissions and Scores

133. How do colleges convert CGPA (Indian Marks) to GPA?

134. Application for graduate studies abroad with a low gpa

135. Is it possible I could improve my SAT Score by 300 points?

136. Science Fair competitions impact on top 5 college admissions

137. AP classes for Ivy League Hopefuls

138. How can I make my interest in business and entrepreneurship my college application 'spike'?

139. Are summer programs really worth it?

140. Self Studying Advanced Mathematics

141. Can you take an SAT Subject Test without being enrolled in that course?

142. Can you take SAT Subject Tests as a junior?

143. Name is incorrect on ACT admission ticket?

144. Admissions for Post-High School International Student?

145. Retake SAT with 1550 for competitive colleges?

146. Top College Acceptance Without Foreign Language Experience?

147. Notre Dame Pre-Med Program: Am I on the Right Path?

148. Majors in College?

149. Info regarding preparation for harvard

150. How can I get into Harvard? (Medical Field)

151. Will colleges consider SAT 1 scores taken after applying?

152. Non-traditional Homeschooled Student and Ivy League Admissions?

153. Gap Year Affecting SAT, College Admissions?

154. ACT score for a student with a 2.7 GPA

155. SAT 2 Additional Subject Tests Billing

156. Low Grade One Marking Period - Selective Schools Still Possible?

157. Superscore Between SAT With and Without Esssay?

158. Private Jewish School - Ivy League Application Questions

159. Fluctuating ACT Score

160. Ivy League Applications

161. SAT Transfer Issue

162. SAT Essay Weighting for Different Majors?

163. SAT Essay Examples - All 3 Types of Techniques?

164. Are Khan Academy practice tests accurate?

165. How to fully "take advantage of available opportunities" in my community

166. Is the SAT an indicator of general intelligence?

167. The ACT sent a cancelled score. What can I do?

168. How many Subject tests do most colleges recommend?

169. How important is the SAT registration information?

170. SATs VS Subject Tests

171. 1450 SAT Score - Good Enough for Harvard?

172. What kind of calculator for SAT?

173. Is it worth it to retake the ACT because of a bad writing score?

174. Should I Submit SAT Subject Tests to Harvard as an International Student?

175. Taking the New SAT with 1970 old SAT Score

176. Good SAT Score Possible on First Attempt?

177. Retake SAT senior year with good junior year score?

178. In Stanford College Apps, Does Knowing Lots of Languages Get You In?

179. Is it necessary to use American English in the SAT/ACT and College Application essay?

180. Writing Test Retake Yielded Lower Score: Which Score Do Colleges See?

181. Is non-original college-level research compelling for top colleges?

182. 1530/1600 SAT 76 GPA Help!!!

183. Published paper good enough (as spike) to get in Stanford / Harvard / MIT etc?

184. Do I need APs if I have strong extracurriculars as an International Student>?

185. How do I recover my lost high school diploma?

186. ACT and Subject Tests

187. What high school classes to take to be a pediatrician? (Or Doctor, MD)

188. How to target ivy league college with future doctor career? (Develop spike for future career as MD / surgeon)

189. SAT reading problem: I just don't understand the passage!

190. What are the best math extracurriculars sites for high school students?

191. SAT score exams lower based on my grade / other survey questions?

192. [closed] PrepScholar Cost

193. [closed] How Much Does the Average PrepScholar Student improve on the SAT?

194. Same Exact SAT Score?

195. Sending SAT with essay scores to schools that don't require the essay

196. Does not having Physics on your college app look bad?

197. Cornell Average GPA is 4.01, is this out of a 4.0 scale (Unweighted)?

198. SAT Score Release Date Close to College App Deadline, Help?

199. Bad Freshman Grades

200. ACT High Composite/Low Writing, Selective schools

201. How much time, on average, is allotted to each SAT question type?

202. Missing SAT scores on


204. Should I send ACT scores, SAT scores, or both?

205. Will Colleges Combine My Highest Reading and Math Score?

206. AP Calculus AB and BC - Same Day Testing?

207. SAT reading score fluctuation

208. Taking AP exams at the same time as AS level exams

209. Barron's ACT vs Barron's ACT 36

210. Bad Idea to Take ACT 4 Times?

211. Peer recommendation letter - Online Friends okay?

212. Does managing a YouTube channel count as an EC?

213. Should I include my YouTube channel in the activities section?

214. Should I retake my AP Human Geography exam?

215. Take ACT during my gap year

216. Actual ACT test drastically different than my Practice tests

217. SAT prep for international students

218. What should I do to improve my college application?

219. Arithmetic Sequences and Series on ACT Math?

220. High Composite, Low Writing- applying to Columbia

221. Can I recover after my class rank has fallen by 35 spots?

222. Apply Early Action to MIT with October SAT Subject Test Date?

223. ACT Writing Score Questions - When To Hand Score?

224. SAT superscoring - is it worth it for a very small point increase?

225. Are scores from state-mandated ACTs acceptable on college applications?

226. Online SAT Prep Class for Rising Sophmore

227. Will I be able to get a 1600?

228. How much can I improve my SAT score?

229. A-Minus effect on GPA and how do IVY LEAGUES recalculate GPA?

230. Is my spike good enough for Stanford?

231. Will a lack of AP classes hurt my college application?

232. What percentage score a perfect 36 on ACT writing?

233. How rigorous do your high school classes have to be to get into top Universities?

234. When can I register for the October SAT?

235. Is it worth it for me to prepare for and take the SAT?

236. Should I retake the SAT or the ACT?

237. How can I boost my reading speed for the ACT reading section?

238. What is more important? Class rank or grades?

239. Is starting PrepScholar as a freshman a good idea?

240. AP Capstone Schools

241. Importance SAT subject test for college applications?

242. Can SAT and ACT Prep scholar help my child raise her scores?

243. Patent and Commercialized tech device: IMPACT ON TOP 5 COLLEGE ADMISSIONS

244. Study help for Big Picture type questions - ACT English?

245. Can PrepScholar be used to study for the PSAT?

246. Should I cut work hours so I can study more for the SAT?

247. 29 ACT Score for Georgetown and NYU?

248. ACT score decreased by 5 points on second attempt?

249. How to get a paper copy of my SAT score report?

250. Is it bad to take the ACT more than 3 times?

251. 30 ACT score: should I retake it for California state universities?

252. 2240 SAT Good Enough for Ivy League?

253. ACT Prep for Free

254. I know my spike, but I have other major activities that don't relate to it—help!

255. How can I prepare for the ACT in a month?

256. How and When Do I Prep For the ACT? Rising Sophomore As of Now

257. Which SAT test date should I sign up for?

258. How Many AP Classes for Ivy League Schools?

259. Will 4s on AP tests hurt my chances at top schools?

260. 1100 on 2015 PSAT - Compare to ACT?

261. Should you have spare time on the SAT?

262. Do Colleges Ever Reject Overqualified Applicants?

263. 2190 SAT and 33 ACT: Which should I take now?

264. Do SAT scores expire?

265. Can I cancel just one Subject Test score if I took multiple tests on the same day?

266. Can I sign up for the common app before senior year?

267. Can I take the SAT during gap year abroad?

268. How do I write a compelling and interesting college essay?

269. How old is too old for the SAT/ACT?

270. 2.0 GPA, what colleges can I be accepted to?

271. Surprisingly low ACT English score - Should I get hand scoring?

272. Where can I find good evidence for the SAT essay?

273. New SAT Scoring vs Old SAT scoring for Kennesaw State University

274. Will the October SAT results be available for early decision?

275. What is the difference between the two SAT score percentiles?

276. Do essay on SAT or not?

277. Blog posts on how to write a great college essay?

278. Should I take the TOEFL test?

279. Is it possible to get a 1 on the ACT?

280. Best SAT Math Prep Book for Low Scorer?

281. Can I get into college with a 2.0-2.5 GPA?

282. Should I retake my math class for a better grade?

283. What is the best approach for the ACT essay?

284. Will schools see all of my senior grades if I apply SCEA?

285. Can I send only the better SAT score to colleges?

286. Average SAT score for a 7th grader?

287. When are International SAT/ACT scores released?

288. Lowest Score Per Section on SAT?

289. How much weight does a 36 ACT score carry in college admissions?

290. Do colleges recalculate GPAs?

291. New SAT vs ACT: More Time Pressure?

292. How to Improve New SAT Math Score in 5 Days?

293. How do I balance ACT prep and school work?

294. How important is vocabulary in the SAT essay?

295. Do ACT tests vary on different test dates or are they the same?

296. Will EdX and Coursera certificates improve my college application?

297. AP Course grade or AP Scores, which is more important?

298. When can you use a comma before "because"?

299. Retake SAT, or Take SAT Math Subject Test?

300. Are my SAT score and GPA good for college?

301. Can I switch to SAT with Essay on test day?

302. Do I have to submit SAT II scores?

303. Are colleges with 70%+ acceptance rates bad?

304. Non-Native English Speaker - 1 year enough for SAT prep?

305. How to prep for both SAT and ACT using PrepScholar?

306. Should I file a complaint if my proctor made a timing mistake?

307. Should I take the Chemistry SAT II?

308. What's the average ACT score for Wharton?

309. Which test should I take?

310. Superscoring Between New and Old SAT?

311. Should I take the SAT and the ACT senior fall?

312. Exams in November

313. If I added a subject test on test day, can I cancel that score?

314. Should I submit SAT scores if my ACT is better?

315. What is the likelihood of admittance into top tier colleges?

316. What's the best online AP calculus class?

317. Can I take the SAT between high school and college?

318. How can I explain bad grades due to depression?

319. Applying to Cornell engineering without Physics and Calculus?

320. 33 ACT score - should I retake for top colleges?

321. SAT Waitlist Score - Different Score Release Date?

322. I signed up for 2 SAT subject tests, can I just take one of them?

323. Standardized Test Tips for Older International Student?

324. SAT or ACT Scores Needed for College Admissions for Non-Highschoolers?

325. Subject Test Scores and Requirements for the Ivy League

326. Plan to Retake SAT if Sending All Scores?

327. How important is it to follow the recommendations for courses listed by colleges?

328. Can I reschedule a test after the administration date?

329. Does spelling matter on the SAT Essay?

330. Should I take extra AP exams on top of the IB diploma?

331. Do some colleges ignore grades from freshman year?

332. Mid-20s on ACT Reading - how to improve?

333. Is the ACT harder than the SAT?

334. What are good “stand out” electives for college admissions?

335. Do colleges prefer AP or IB?

336. Should I retake the ACT or try the SAT instead?

337. Should I quit my sports team to focus on the SAT?

338. Does your high school affect your Ivy League chances?

339. What is the best way to open a college essay?

340. SAT Prep - Focus on specific sections or practice tests?

341. AP Course Worth It With No AP Test?

342. Which SAT practice tests should I use after I've finished all the official ones?

343. Are there ACT/SAT scholarships for international students?

344. Should I take notes while taking SAT practice tests?

345. Scientific Paper Author - How Will It Help on College Apps?

346. Is the sophomore year too early to be taking the SAT?

347. Can the CLEP test replace a bad AP score?

348. What's the ACT score equivalent for my new SAT score?

349. How does my new SAT score compare to the old one, and is my new score good for college?

350. What do top colleges think of merit-based awards?

351. Extracurricular activities for Earth Sciences/Geology major?

352. What is a normal score drop between SAT Practice Tests?

353. Do colleges care about the new SAT essay?

354. Are SAT boot camps effective?

355. How can I earn scholarships and get accepted to college after academic struggles?

356. What will happen if I was falsely accused of cheating on an AP test?

357. When is the best time for a senior to take the SAT?

358. Recommendations for SAT prep books?

359. Can I hide my SAT essay score from colleges?

360. Do I need a work resume for American Universities?

361. Are the practice tests from the Red Book also on

362. Does a low writing score cripple your test?

363. When is food, water, and bathroom allowed on the New SAT?

364. Top engineering schools with a 33 ACT?

365. Does PrepScholar have SAT essay graders?

366. 3.0 GPA Junior - Ivy League Chances?

367. Audio Engineering Major - Which SAT Subject Test should I take?

368. Can I take the SAT senior year?

369. Average 10th grade student - How do I create better study habits?

370. New SAT Math Multiple Choice: No more careless mistakes?

371. How do I get an SAT fee waiver?

372. Should I take Math I or Math II?

373. Is Casio FX-991 ES Plus Calculator Allowed on the SAT?

374. ACT scores - Which should I send?

375. New SAT - How will my essay score affect my composite?

376. How long is the SAT?

377. Time between arriving at testing center and starting New SAT?

378. Should I take a break from studying between tests?

379. How long are SAT scores valid?

380. New SAT score 1060 - compared to old SAT?

381. Is it a good idea to take 3 SAT Subject Tests in one sitting?

382. Do I have to go back to the school I was attending?

383. How do schools determine their new SAT benchmarks?

384. Can an international writer get into top US colleges?

385. Are average GPAs on school admissions pages on a 4.0 or 5.0 scale?

386. How do science questions on the new SAT compare to ones on the ACT?

387. ACT Reading - Should I read the questions or passage first?

388. Can I get into Johns Hopkins with a 3.8 GPA?

389. Should I use the elimination process for all ACT questions?

390. 2016 SAT ACT Test Dates?

391. Did the new SAT eliminate point deduction for wrong answers?

392. Will Lower Old SAT Scores Outweigh a Higher New SAT Score?

393. Good SAT study tips for non-native english speaker?

394. Can I study for the PSAT and SAT on PrepScholar?

395. Is the PrepScholar SAT Program Updated for the New SAT?

396. Is a 17 ACT Reading score good?

397. Best SAT Math Prep programs for a student with anxiety?

398. What to put for Kon-Tiki recommendation letter scholarship?

399. Is it a good idea to do research in high school?

400. Tough Community College Course vs AP Course

401. Which SAT math prep book should i buy?

402. Do my extracurriculars make me too “well rounded”?

403. What questions should I ask during a college interview?

404. When do ACT scores come out?

405. Should I worry about a low ACT writing score?

406. Is 5 Steps to a 5 a good resource for AP tests?

407. Will retaking a class at a community college change my grade?

408. Is the science section of the ACT very difficult?

409. Does Cal Poly require ACT Writing scores?

410. How do I have PSAT results sent to me?

411. Are SAT Subject Test scores automatically reported?

412. Should my ACT essay reflect a real life experience or a literary work?

413. Do colleges care more about AP courses or SAT Subject Tests?

414. Can I register for the SAT as homeschooled, even though I'm not?

415. Can I get into Georgetown with just an IB Diploma and SAT Reasoning?

416. How bad is my average for an Ivy League School?

417. Can you please explain the rule of the transition word "however"?

418. SAT Subject Test Costs

419. Does the ACT have a curve?

420. Are foreign language requirements mandatory for acceptance?

421. Are there schools that require ACT scores?

422. ACT math score question

423. Is Princeton Realistic Now?

424. Information about international sat codes

425. Recovery from a bad High school start for Ivy League Dreams?

426. Predict Score on My SAT?

427. Difference between 32/33 and 34 on ACT?

428. When are September ACT scores available?

429. Improve SAT score 300 points in one month?

430. English ACT more important than Reading ACT?

431. 2320 SAT on first try - Retake to try for a 2400?

432. Will Inconsistent SAT Essay Examples Cause a Lower Score?

433. Is AP English enough preparation for the SAT Subject Test?

434. Which of these ACT scores should I send?

435. 2.3 GPA - Still Division I Eligible?

436. More ACT Paired Passage and Essay Prompt Practice?

437. How much does class rank matter for college admissions?

438. No. 3 Pencils on Columbia Science Honors Program Test?

439. New SAT Scores for Merit Scholarships?

440. AP Chemistry Tutor

441. Can I wear a smart watch during the ACT?

442. Is it better to take AP Bio Junior year and AP Physics 1 Senior year --or the other way around?

443. How likely is it to get accepted from the waitlist?

444. Does Senior year course load matter?

445. What happens if I use a number 3 pencil on the SAT/ACT?

446. Can schools see deleted ACT scores?

447. Can I take an AP test if my school doesn’t offer the course?

448. Is there any harm in sending my SAT scores to National Merit?

449. Do I need to take the SAT in order to be a National Merit Finalist?

450. AP Chemistry Exam Prep

451. Will freshman year classes affect my chances at Ivy League schools?

452. Why are there no SATs in July or August?

453. How can I find volunteer opportunities in my community?

454. ACT Online Prep

455. Applying as a Transfer Student - Can Colleges See Your Previously Rejected Applications?

456. Will joining lots of clubs help my college application?

457. Do teachers only write a certain number of recommendation letters?

458. Does undergraduate college matter for med school admissions?

459. Do ACT Subscores Matter for SAT Conversion?

460. High Homeschooled 7th Grade ACT Score - What to Do?

461. Is Taking the SAT Good Practice for ACT?

462. Convert 31 on ACT Math to SAT Math?

463. 2012-2013 Preparing for the ACT?

464. ACT Formula Cheat Sheet?

465. Are ACT Scores Correlated With High School GPA?

466. New SAT Score Percentiles?

467. Maximum score on the new SAT?

468. Unfinished SAT Essay Leading to Lower Score?

469. High ACT Math, English but low ACT Reading, Science

470. Can I enroll in summer classes while in High School?

471. Is one week enough for PrepScholar?

472. 2310 on the SAT, should I also take the ACT?

473. Real ACT Prep Guide (3rd Ed.) same difficulty as real ACT?

474. How long do I need to prepare for the ACT if I already have a decent SAT score?

475. No Top 10 School from my HS - What are my chances?

476. International Admissions

477. I'm way behind on college applications. What are my options?

478. PSAT and comparison to the SAT and ACT

479. When is the content for the Biology SAT subject test covered?

480. International SAT Test Dates same as in US?

481. OK to Fill in Answer After Time Called?

482. Can Colleges See Your ACT Scores Before You?

483. Should I take AP Biology sophomore year?

484. 19 on 8th grade ACT - projected 11th grade ACT score?

485. How can I become more consistent on practice tests?

486. Colleges that Superscore ACT Secretly Considering Bad ACT Scores?

487. Predicting 11th grade SAT scores based on 7th grade SAT scores?

488. Lost my son's ACT test student ID. How to retrieve or replace?

489. Taking the SAT More Than Three Times for Ivies?

490. Minimum SAT score for Princeton?

491. Does Boston University Superscore the ACT?

492. What SAT / ACT Score is required for Caltech?

493. Good ACT Math, Grammar Prep for 11th Grade December?

494. 18/36 on 7th grade ACT Writing - above average?

495. How does registration for ACT standby testing work?

496. Will dual enrollment make up for a lack of AP's?

497. Does ACT Math get harder after question #30?

498. Should I take the SAT II's in May, June, or both?

499. Could I benefit from tutoring?

500. Will submitting an application earlier improve my chances?

501. One Week Before the ACT

502. Apply to Stanford EA without Subject Tests or RD with Subject Tests?

503. 2230 SAT superscore - should I take the test a third time?

504. How can a military veteran prepare for the June SAT?

505. Should I go to a mediocre school for free?

506. Which SAT Subject Tests should I take?

507. How should I update colleges on extra curriculars?

508. Do Selective Colleges Care About Class Rank?

509. Difference Between Chemistry SAT II and AP Chemistry?

510. Worth Retaking SAT Without Superscoring?

511. Study for SAT with Old Official Study Guide?

512. Study for ACT and SAT Simultaneously?

513. Does Clemson Superscore the ACT?

514. MIT with 33 ACT Score But 27 on Reading?

515. How Many SATs Can You Take in a Day?

516. Do SAT Subject Tests Affect your SAT Score?

517. Switch SAT II Subject Tests (Physics to Chemistry)?

518. Taking the SAT After 12th Grade?

519. Are silly mistakes inevitable?

520. SAT Test Dates Available at All U.S. High Schools?

521. Can I use satire in the ACT essay?

522. Should I take AP Calculus or AP Statistics?

523. Old SAT and New SAT Superscore?

524. Submit Old and New SAT Scores (Class of 2017)?

525. Low Math, high CR on the SAT?

526. Graphic Organizers for ACT Writing?

527. How long does an ACT essay rescore take?

528. Is the ACT essay different from the SAT essay?

529. Does your ACT essay score impact your composite score?

530. Advantage to Taking New SAT (Good Old SAT Score)?

531. Better to retake ACT to show consistency?

532. SAT II Math 1 and 2 high scores - which to submit?

533. 34 vs 35/36 on the ACT - What's the difference?

534. Wrong high school on SAT Admission Ticket - still able to take the test?

535. New PSAT and SAT scores - how to compare?

536. Do top colleges require SAT II scores if you send the ACT?

537. When do colleges get ACT scores if you use the free reports?

538. How will coming from a low-end public school affect my chances?

539. ACT practice tests: Answer explanations?

540. December 2015 ACT results available before January 2016?

541. Retake the ACT? High total ACT but low Writing score

542. How do I stay focused on ACT Reading?

543. Can I transfer from Community College to an ivy league school?

544. ACT English -- Alternatives to the Underlined Portion

545. Do I need AP Physics before I sign up for the SAT Subject Test?

546. ACT Math -- Probability & Series/Sequences Formulas?

547. Will coding an app help me in college admissions?

548. Is it harder for low income students to get into top colleges?

549. Rejected ED to Penn

550. Can I get into college if I refuse to take the SAT or ACT?

551. Importance of major-specific program vs overall school quality?

552. Do I need to send in FAFSA/CSS after being deferred?

553. ACT writing prompts?

554. 760 Math Subject Test Score Good Enough for Extremely Selective Engineering College?

555. How important are the old SAT writing and essay?

556. Can I use my old SAT essay scores if I take the new SAT?

557. Barron's or Princeton Review for ACT prep?

558. Can I use old SAT books to study for the new SAT?

559. Can colleges rescind admission for poor senior grades?

560. How accurate are the ACT scoring machines?

561. Is it a wise choice to take a gap year?

562. What happens to my essay score if I don't finish in time?

563. Do colleges ignore SAT Math scores if Math II is higher?

564. Is it too early for me to start studying for the SAT?

565. How can I avoid careless mistakes?

566. Can I stretch the truth on my college application?

567. Best Direct Hits books for SAT vocabulary?

568. Can Colleges that Superscore SAT See Lower Section Scores?

569. Are there legitimate online colleges that can be taken seriously?

570. How can I stay awake while studying for the ACT?

571. How can I apply for financial aid without my tax returns?

572. Can I still get financial aid?

573. Do college classes look better than AP's?

574. Is it bad to listen to music while taking practice tests?

575. What are some must know grammar rules for the NEW SAT?

576. What defines being a "legacy"?

577. My school isnt offering the essay. What should I do?

578. Should a junior take the SAT in October?

579. I Sent the wrong SAT score, can I cancel it?

580. How do colleges verify extracurriculars?

581. Can I change my SAT date?

582. Should I send this SAT subject test score?

583. My parents are not helping pay for college. How can I pay?

584. Is an Associates degree valuable?

585. Has anyone gotten into an ivy with a few C's in High School?

586. Can you give advice to a veteran who wants to attend college?

587. Do in-state students have a higher chance of admission?

588. Can you give me any tips for attending a college fair?

589. Should I focus on a single extra curricular activity?

590. Should I mention video gaming in my college application?

591. How much does Junior year matter?

592. Are there colleges that don't look at High School GPA?

593. Can I defer admission?

594. Can I send too many letters of recommendation?

595. SAT Writing question explanation?

596. Is it possible to take too many SAT practice tests?

597. Calculator apps to use on the ACT?

598. Looking into college at 25. How can I prove my education?

599. Can I get Work Study if I already have a job?

600. What is the best way to ask for recommendation letters?

601. Practice resources for ACT Math?

602. Are state universities less holistic than private universities?

603. Will SAT prep help me on the ACT?

604. Should I take AP classes?

605. Are Summer Programs Worth It?

606. Should I join a college honor society?

607. High GPA but low SAT for UNC?

608. Is Rocket Review Still Recommended for SAT Prep?

609. Guessing on the new SAT?

610. How do colleges weight GPA?

611. ACT without Writing useless if schools want Writing section?

612. Will a bad grade in AP Calculus AB destroy me?

613. How does the SAT compare to the PSAT?

614. Tips for hard ACT Math problems?

615. Postpone ACT or Drive 50 Miles?

616. Best ACT review book to raise score from 33 to 36?

617. Can you help a Junior pick classes for next year?

618. Does Paper SAT Registration Mean Paper Score Report?

619. How can I send all of my ACT scores to colleges?

620. Preventing careless errors on SAT Math?

621. How is vocabulary tested on the new SAT?

622. Automatic financial aid for National Merit Finalist?

623. What does a high score on the ACT truly provide?

624. How can I get extra time on the SAT for a disability?

625. Will my scores be cancelled if I wrote on the SAT answer sheet?

626. How does the SAT score curve work?

627. What's considered a suspicious SAT score improvement?

628. What is the best way to transition from the SAT to the ACT?

629. What kind of calculator can you bring to the SAT?

630. Time management on ACT Science?

631. Does it take longer to get ACT scores for standby testers?

632. Should I skip straight to the questions on ACT Science?

633. Send all SATs or all ACTs to Yale?

634. Do I have a chance at top colleges with a 580 CR SAT score?

635. Can I report SAT II scores without reporting SAT I scores?

636. Mechanical engineering with a 600 Math SAT?

637. Will a C ruin my chances at top schools?

638. Do colleges consider extracurriculars in the admissions process?

639. How can I manage time on ACT Reading and Science?

640. How many SAT practice tests should I do before taking the real exam?

641. Do I have enough time to study?

642. 1450+ on the SAT with 1200 PSAT score?

643. Good ACT score for Cornell as an engineering major?

644. Best ACT Math prep book for improving low scores?

645. Answer explanation for this SAT writing question?

646. I'm taking the PSAT Junior fall - when should I take the SAT?

647. Best strategy for conflicting viewpoints on ACT Science?

648. ACT prep book to use after the official red book?

649. Send both SAT and ACT or leave out lower SAT score?

650. Already sent my SAT score, but now have a better ACT score?

651. Necessary to take full practice tests when studying for the SAT?

652. Is the passive voice always wrong on SAT Writing?

653. Is Dr. Chung's SAT Math a helpful review book?

654. How long does it take to get the QAS?

655. How can I improve from low 600s on SAT Math?

656. Should I continue an EC I hate if I'm really good at it?

657. Should I bother applying to UPENN?

658. How do I answer this SAT Math question?

659. Suspicious ACT score improvement? How much is too much?

660. Key components of a great ACT essay?

661. Submitting December ACT scores to UT Austin?

662. Should I retake a B in Spanish 1?

663. How do I figure out this ACT math word problem?

664. How do I solve this absolute value ACT math problem?

665. Do I need to study for the ACT?

666. How can I overcome anxiety and stay calm during the SAT?

667. Should I take the new SAT if I've already taken the old version?

668. Should I take the ACT instead of the SAT?

669. Best review book for Math II SAT Subject Test?

670. Possible to raise SAT score 300 points in 3 months?

671. Can anyone explain this difficult SAT math problem?

672. Answer explanation for a hard SAT Writing question?

673. Is it harder for international students to get into Ivy League schools?

674. Improve ACT score from 32 to 35 in two months?

675. How much do I need to study to raise my ACT score four points?

676. Do I need to know scientific facts to do well on ACT Science?

677. Should you send ACT scores to your high school?

678. Time issues on the Reading section of the ACT?

679. Best ACT prep books for Reading and English?

680. Best ACT prep book for Science and Math?

681. Are the Powerscore SAT prep books good?

682. Answer explanation for difficult SAT Writing question?

683. How do I solve this hard SAT Math question?

684. SAT study guide with good answer explanations?

685. Do selective colleges favor the SAT over the ACT?

686. Where can I find free ACT practice tests?

687. September ACT - When to Start Prepping?

688. Are Stanford and MIT Ivy League schools?

689. Should I use the additional information section on the Common App?

690. Is November too late to take the SAT II for ED/EA?

691. ACT English/Writing combined score - what's the point?

692. Superscoring for the ACT sections

693. SAT score 150 points lower than predicted?

694. Do colleges see senior year grades?

695. How early should I apply for rolling admissions at state schools?

696. Difference between 3.7 and 4.0 GPA in the eyes of colleges?

697. Practice ACT Test

698. How to improve on SAT Reading inference questions?

699. How many questions can I skip for a 600 on SAT Reading?

700. Best critical reading SAT review book?

701. Best SAT review book for high scoring students?

702. Best ACT Prep Books for English and Reading?

703. Should I report low AP scores?

704. Take Difficult Classes Senior Year or Self-Study APs?

705. Taking six AP classes senior year?

706. How Many Reach Schools Should I Apply To?

707. Additional Letters of Recommendation?

708. What's More Important to Colleges - GPA or Test Scores?

709. 2110 SAT Good for Berkeley?

710. Trig Formulas on Math II SAT Subject Test?

711. Is October Too Late for Early Decision Testing?

712. Why Do Some Schools Ignore the SAT Writing Section?

713. Third SAT Subject Test or Retake SAT I?

714. Does It Look Bad If Your SAT Score Goes Down 60 Points?

715. Should I Take the SAT Junior Fall?

716. Is a 28 a Good ACT Score for an 8th Grader?

717. How Can I Improve on ACT Science?

718. Taking the SAT If I Already Have a 36 ACT?

719. High Composite Score Low Essay Score on the ACT?

720. 2250 SAT Score Cutoff at Elite Colleges?

721. Good ACT Score Low SAT Score for Stanford and UPENN?

722. High Scorer Strategies for SAT Critical Reading?

723. High Single-Sitting SAT Score Better Than High Superscore?

724. 2170 SAT for Very Selective Colleges: Should I Retake?

725. PSAT Math How to Avoid Running Out of Time?

726. Best SAT vocabulary study resources?

727. How to Make and Use the Best ACT Flashcards?

728. How to Detect No Error Sentences SAT Writing?

729. How to Solve SAT Reading Big Picture and Inference Questions?

730. ACT Improvement or AP Tests: Which Is More Important Junior Year?

731. Switch SAT 1 and SAT 2 Dates?

732. Take SAT Subject Tests Before APs Senior Year?

733. Good ACT Score for Harvard as an International Student?

734. Breaks Between Same-Day SAT Subject Tests?

735. Drop D-Grade Class if I’m an A Student?

736. If I Send One SAT Score to a College, Will It Automatically Get My Future Scores?

737. Do Homeschooled Students Need SAT/ACT for Community College?

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