Can you give me advice about spike? I am 19 years old and i international student in US now.. I am going to apply stanford... I love influence people... I love look for information that they need.. SAT, health, bodybuilding, education...Now i started my official account in LINE, i am posting informations from health care website.... Now i am going to open one more account..about body building... Mornings i am studing sat, friday sat sun working, ... And i am going to teach in english, SAT online for my friend, i don't have time for volunteer work... If it is important.. I will find.. My speaking enlish no good.. Is it important.. Will they pay attention in interview..What do you think about my spike..what is more should i do...

asked 20 Jul '16, 06:16

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edited 21 Jul '16, 11:28

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Hi - your question is a bit too unclear in its current form. Please edit it to better explain your educational background (test scores and grades), what you're currently doing, and the specific advice you want from us.

(21 Jul '16, 11:26) Sam_PrepScholar

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