Motivation is very important. It helps us to fight stress, to perform successfully even during the most challenging periods of our lives, to achieve our goals, and to become better at everything we find important.

Motivation is especially important for students, who deal with a lot of stresses, challenges, and academic assignments like writing tasks on persuasive topics, on a daily basis. But while its importance cannot be overemphasized, there’s usually little information about how to find that motivation, how to keep yourself motivated, and how to keep going when you feel like any motivation is lost.

Lucky for you, we want to offer you some tips that could help you overcome it.

Remind yourself why are you doing this.

We usually do something because we want to achieve something. However, it could be hard to see the bigger picture and to keep all the perspectives and future profits in mind when you have too many papers to write.

So when you feel discouraged and tired, remind yourself why are you doing this. Or try to think of reasons why this is important for you. Dealing with the things that we find important is much easier than dealing with the things that seem like routine tasks that could get you nowhere.

Organize the process right.

Keeping up with your writing and other assignments is a challenge when you feel exhausted and demotivated. But what if you told yourself you need to do this for 15/30/45 minutes only before taking the desired break?

Try organizing your studies and other activities using this principle. Pick a work-rest interval that seems the most effective and rational to you (just don’t make the rest too long if you don’t want to spend all your day studying). Then test its effectiveness. Maybe you’ll find out that it’s easier for you to remain focused during longer (or shorter) periods of time.

Try coming up with rewards.

While this isn’t the most rational decision, it’s often the most effective one. Try coming up with small or big rewards, depending on a situation you’re facing. For example, promise to put away a certain sum for an hour of studies to spend it later on anything you want. Or decide to buy yourself something after passing an important test.

Rewards don’t have to be all about money, of course. You could promise yourself to go out if you write an essay before it. Or call a friend. Or do something you really want to do. Pick what works for you the best.

Plan in advance.

We cannot predict when we lose our motivation - but we can prepare for it. Try doing so in advance, coming up with a list of things that make you happier and more inspired. This way you’ll always have a plan of actions close in case something goes wrong.

Coming up with ways to cheer yourself up when you feel tired and demotivated already is a challenge. But if you prepare a list of those ways beforehand, you won’t have to go through all the struggle.

Motivation might seem like an abstract concept to you - but it’s actually the great thing and probably the best way to keep us going. So keep these tips in mind, look for some more if you want to, and try to find out what helps you get through periods when you don’t feel motivated at all. I believe my advice will be really valuable to students. What approaches for students to stay motivated do you know?

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