Writing college essays can seem like an uphill task. This may be due to the many aspects that they embody. But if you are joining college, you have to accept the fact that you will write many essays on different subjects. The implication here is that you will have to learn the various approaches to writing well-written and creative college essays. This article will consider 5 of these approaches and their best application.

1. Reading the Prompt Thoroughly

The majority of college essays come with a prompt. This is usually the key question that will be addressed in the essay. For you to come up with a well-written essay, you have to read the prompt and understand it thoroughly. You need to get the gist and substance of the prompt so that you can conceptualize the main points that you will address. Here is a sample prompt for illustration: "Describe some literary works that have had an inspirational impact on your life.” With this prompt, the key things to ask yourself are:

What is the primary motive of the question?

Is there more to the question than meets the eye?

Are my literary preferences being questioned here?

Is my personality in question here?

The above prompt may well be asking for more than the literary works that inspire you. The person who gave out the prompt may as well be looking to have a sense of the kind of person that you are and how a promising of a student you may be.

2. Having a Schedule

Now that you conceptualized your essay prompt and have a rough idea of what you will write, the next thing is to plan a schedule of the time in which you will write it. All essays have a deadline, and your proposed schedule should strive to conform to it. Your schedule should factor in the time that will be used to read the resource material, to write the draft and lastly the time that will be used to polish on the final piece.

3. Citing and Quoting Correctly

No doubt, you will use secondary sources in your work. You may also have to quote different people and their various works. There is nothing wrong with that, however, the implication here is that you will have to acknowledge these people. It follows then that you must properly cite, quote and reference your work.

4. Writing an Outline

Outlines are essential to any form of writing, leave alone essay writing. Writing one simply involves listing the important points that you are going to discuss in the essay. It will guide you in the actual write-up and will aid the flow of points in the essay.

5. Properly Formatting Your Essay

All essays adhere to one main format that is:


This is where you inform the reader of the intention of your essay. Thus, your thesis statement will be written here.

Body Paragraphs

These paragraphs will highlight all the main points that will support or prove your thesis statement.


This is usually a summary of every aspect that you have discussed in the essay. It is basically a recapitulation of the main points and it highlights the takeaways from your essay. Do not forget about proofreading your essay. You can use the different services and apps like essaywritersite.com to do that properly.


Essay writing should not give you the chills. It is a manageable undertaking which, when approached with effective strategies, can lead to better write-ups. Apply the 5 approaches discussed and you will be sure to craft a well-written and creative essay. Can you describe the ways you use for proper essay writing?

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