Writing a speech, in general, isn’t easy to many students. There are a lot of things to consider before you even start writing to make your speech not only informative but also impressive and to manage to fit it in the amount of time given.

It could be even more complex when it comes to writing a convincing speech. Unlike the ordinary speech, it has to not simply inform the audience about a certain thing but actually persuade them in something - which could be a hard thing to do. There are certain rules you need to follow and certain things you need to keep in mind to make the most out of it - and we’re going to share them with you in this article.

Pick the right topic.

A good topic for a convincing speech should be controversial. No matter what your position on it is, the topic itself needs to be able to cause passionate debates.

At the same time, a topic shouldn’t be too controversial and potentially offensive. Remember: your goal is to catch the audience attention, not to make them angry or offended.

It’s about the pros and cons.

"It might seem that if you do want to convince your audience of something, you need to use only the arguments that could support your point of view. However, it’s not the smartest thing to do. Always focus on the pros and cons of the topic, research them well, and don’t forget to present both of them in your speech", says Amanda Norman, editor-in-chief of https://custom-writings.net. Remember that focusing on one opinion only could make your speech look weak and prejudiced.

Know what your audience thinks.

You probably know who your audience is. But it’s also important to try and see a topic of your convincing speech from their point of you. Would they agree with you or would they disagree? Why would they agree/disagree on that topic? Answering those questions could help you relate to your audience better.

Focus on your side on the topic.

While it’s important to mention all the pros and cons of the certain topic, you should do that - and that only. You need to persuade the audience in something and you definitely don’t need to make the opposite point of view look stupid or incorrect. So focus on your side and on positive arguments that support it. Don’t put the other side down.

Mention the obstacles.

One of the best ways to help the audience relate to your speech is to find out what are the obstacles it has with the topic, to understand these obstacles really well, and to develop some sort of a strategy to eliminate these obstacles. Also, don’t forget to come up with a conclusion that summarizes and wraps everything up nicely.

Rehearse and polish.

How do you proofread an essay? Probably run it through any of the online proofreading tools and then proofread manually. How should you proofread a speech? By reading it out loud.

You need to not simply write a speech but to make it sound really powerful as well. Reading it out loud helps you understand whether your speech really sounds as good as you hoped it to be. If yes, you could rest satisfied. If no, you’ll still have some time to polish it.

Writing a convincing speech might seem like a real challenge, but it becomes much easier once you master the basics and find out what to focus on. Hopefully, this article will help you with that.

Can you enumerate the ways you use for proper speech crafting?

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