I took the New SAT math yesterday, and I notice that there were fewer or no trick answers in the math multiple choice section. Like some other tests, and definitely the old SAT would have questions like: "What is 8/2?" and "6" would be an answer, trying to trick those who read it as "8-2". These no longer happen?

Time and again I made careless mistakes, but I didn't even need to double check to catch it -- it just wasn't in the original answer choice! Does this mean in New SAT math we don't have to use carelessness strategies anymore, at least for the multiple choice section?

asked 08 May '16, 14:10

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No - careless errors can still cause problems on SAT Math, even on multiple choice questions. Specifically, there are definitely still questions where making a careless addition/subtraction/other operation error will lead you to the wrong answer.

For instance, take a look at the question from the official SAT Practice Test 1: SAT Math Practice Test 1

To solve for X, you need to set up the equation 16 + 4x = 10 + 14 = 24. If you then accidentally add 16 to both sides of the equation (instead of subtracting it), you'll end up with 4x = 40, x = 10, and 8x = 80, which is answer choice D.

This question also highlights a second careless mistake type that you still need to guard against on SAT Math, which is solving for the wrong thing. If you solve for X correctly in this problem, you'll get 4x = 8 and x = 2...and you'll note that "2" is answer choice A. But the question doesn't ask you to solve for X - you're asked to solve for 8x, which is 16 (choice C).

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answered 10 May '16, 10:43

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