What Is the GMAT? 8 Key Questions, Answered


If you’re an aspiring MBA student, you’ll have to leap the hurdle of the GMAT to get into business school. Prospective students spend months training for the challenge. What is the GMAT test, exactly?

This guide will go over everything you need to know about the GMAT, its use in business school admissions, and how to register. To get you acquainted with the exam, let’s start by going over the purpose of the GMAT. Continue reading “What Is the GMAT? 8 Key Questions, Answered”

What Does GMAT Stand For? The Fascinating History

gmat stand for

YOLO, IMO, tl;dr — these acronyms have nothing on GMAT, which has been in use for over 40 years. You may have heard this acronym for the business school test, but what does GMAT stand for? How did the exam start and how has it changed over the past half century?

This guide will you in on everything GMAT. If you ever find yourself at a GMAT-themed trivia night, you’ll be the star of the show. Continue reading “What Does GMAT Stand For? The Fascinating History”

What Does MBA Stand For? Full Explanation of MBA Meaning

what does mba stand for

You probably know that the MBA has something to do with business school. But what does this acronym actually stand for? Beyond the acronym, what does the degree mean, and how has its reputation changed over the years?

This guide will answer all of these questions to give you a solid grounding in the MBA degree. Plus, you’ll learn about all of the other options for Master’s degrees in business.

Let’s kick things off with the million dollar question, what does MBA stand for? Continue reading “What Does MBA Stand For? Full Explanation of MBA Meaning”