4 Harvard MBA Application Tips to Help You Get In


Harvard Business School is the holy grail of MBA programs for many applicants. Because its reputation as a leading business school makes it a prime target for many MBA hopefuls, admissions are competitive, and you’ll need to do your very best to stand out amongst your peers.

In this article, I’ll go over the MBA programs offered at Harvard Business School, all the components of a Harvard Business School MBA application, the traits HBS admissions counselors say they look for in applicants, and key tips for strengthening your admissions packet. Continue reading “4 Harvard MBA Application Tips to Help You Get In”

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MBA Entrance Exams: Which Should You Take?


Are you planning on applying to business school? Are you wondering which MBA entrance exam you should take to increase your chances of admission to the programs you’re applying to?

In this article, I’ll discuss the most common MBA entrance exams that business schools require applicants to take. First, I’ll discuss why schools care about MBA entrance exam results. Next, I’ll discuss the main MBA entrance exams, which schools require them, and the basic content and format of each. Finally, I’ll help you decide which entrance exam you should take if you’re applying to business school.

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The 40 Best, Easiest Business Schools to Get Into


Applying to business schools can be intimidating. What if you don’t get in? Are there any programs you’ll almost definitely be accepted at? If you’re looking for the easiest business schools to get into, look no further.

In this article, I’ll go over what makes an MBA program’s application process less competitive and help you decide whether a less selective business school is right for you. You’ll also find lists of MBA programs with high acceptance rates and the the easiest top MBA programs to get into based on average GPAs and GMAT scores.

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What’s a Good GMAT Writing Score? Does the Essay Matter?


How much does your GMAT writing score really matter? Business schools only release GMAT score data for their students’ Total scores, so it can be difficult to find information about what constitutes a “good” or “bad” GMAT writing score and how important your GMAT analytical writing score really is.

Luckily, we’ve done the research and figured out the answers for you. In this post, we’ll tell you what business schools have to say about the Analytical Writing Assessment, how they weigh it against other parts of your GMAT score and your overall application, and how your score stacks up against other test-taker worldwide. Finally, we’ll help you figure out what a good GMAT analytical writing score is for you.
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What GMAT Scores Do You Need for Top Business Schools?


If you’ve started to research trends involving GMAT scores for top business schools, you’ve likely noticed that the average GMAT scores for top MBA programs have been on the rise. But what does this increase mean for you as an applicant?

In this guide, I’ll list the GMAT scores needed for top business schools in the United States and explain what they mean. First, I’ll give you information on the average GMAT scores for top MBA programs across the country.  Next, I’ll talk about the upwards trend in GMAT scores. Why is this rising trend happening, and what does it mean for you? Finally, I’ll talk about goal setting in light of this information. If you’re looking to get into a top business school, what kind of score should you shoot for and why?

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GMAT Requirements: What Score Do You Need for an MBA?


If you’ve started to think about preparing for the GMAT, you’re probably also wondering about the GMAT requirements at the MBA programs of your choice. You may be wondering what score you need, or even whether you need to take the GMAT at all.

In this guide, I’ll talk all about the GMAT score requirements for MBA programs. First, I’ll talk about the GMAT scores you need to get into business school. Next, I’ll talk about whether or not there are hard cutoffs or explicit requirements for MBA programs. Then, I’ll discuss how you can find the GMAT requirements for your specific MBA program. And finally, I’ll talk about whether or not there’s any way to get around taking the GMAT as part of your MBA application.

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MBA Preparation: The 8 Most Important Tips for Applying

Who really gets into business school? MBA admissions criteria may seem confusing, but it's actually pretty straightforward.

MBA preparation is about more than just getting a great GMAT score. While setting and achieving your goal GMAT score is an important part of your application, there are many factors that go into crafting a competitive and compelling MBA application.

In this guide, I’ll help you understand how to prepare for MBA admissions by explaining what MBA admissions committees are looking for in their applicants. Based on those key goals, I’ve collected the best short- and long-term MBA preparation tips. You’ll learn how to maximize your MBA admission chances whether you’re planning to apply in a few years or just a few weeks.

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How Low Are MBA Acceptance Rates? Can You Get In?


If you’re applying to business school, you already know it’s a challenging and selective process. Admissions committees look for the most competitive applicants to take on the challenge and rigor of business school. But just how hard is it to get into an MBA program? And, based on your GMAT score, GPA, and other qualifications, what are your chances of admission?

In this article, I’ll take you through the MBA acceptance rates at the top 25 business schools, how to find MBA admission rates for yourself, and tips on how to gauge your own chances of getting into a competitive MBA program. Continue reading “How Low Are MBA Acceptance Rates? Can You Get In?”

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Why Take the GMAT? 3 Main Uses of the Exam


Maybe you’re getting ready to apply to business school, or just starting to think about what you’ll do after finishing up your undergraduate. Maybe you’re considering a career change or deciding whether or not you should go back to school for another degree. Maybe you just really like taking standardized tests. If you’re in one of these situations, you’ve probably considered taking the GMAT or another grad exam.

But why take the GMAT? What are the main GMAT uses? How is taking the GMAT different than taking the GRE or the LSAT? In this guide, I’ll explain the main uses of GMAT scores and help you decide whether or not taking the GMAT makes sense for your education and career goals.

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Is the GMAT Required for MBA Programs? Should You Take It?


Is the GMAT required for MBA programs ? How much does the GMAT matter in terms of business schools admissions? Are there any alternatives if you don’t want to take the GMAT? In this article, I’ll go over why so many business schools require the GMAT, the significance of the GMAT in the business school admissions process, and your options if you choose not to take the exam. Continue reading “Is the GMAT Required for MBA Programs? Should You Take It?”

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