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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is PrepScholar special compared to other PSAT prep programs?

Among all prep programs, PrepScholar is special because it customizes what you learn to your strengths and weaknesses.

Most other prep programs are one-size-fits-all. They treat you the same as every other student. This doesn't make sense - if you're strong in one subject but weak in another, why should you get the same program as every other student?

With PrepScholar, we focus your attention on the subjects that will make the biggest difference in your score. We want every hour you study to be as effective as possible - customization is how we achieve this.

There are two other special parts of PrepScholar:

  • we care a lot about study behavior. We've built unique program features to motivate you to study more. You'll get regular progress reports, reminders to study, and feedback on how you're doing.
  • we have the most realistic test content available anywhere. All our test content writers are 99th percentile scorers and experienced teachers of the PSAT. We understand the test like no other company.

All this combines to create PrepScholar, the best PSAT program available to raise your PSAT score.

Learn more about how PrepScholar works.

How does the PSAT 160 point guarantee work?

Our point guarantee is pretty simple. First, you need to have taken an official PSAT before joining PrepScholar. We use only official tests to compare scores. (Some other companies use their own easier practice tests as the starting score, which artificially increases your score improvement).

Next, you need to complete the program before your official test. If you can reach this level of achievement, you'll be in amazing shape for the test.

That's it - if you don't improve on your official PSAT according to the guarantee, you get all your money back.

As a parent, how do I track how much progress my student is making?

There are two main ways we recommend keeping up to date with your student’s progress. First, PrepScholar sends out weekly reports on student activity. This report tells you the how much time was spent on PrepScholar, how many lessons were completed, and more. This gives you a weekly sync up.

Each week we also ask the student to fill out a study schedule for that week, with days and times they plan to study. You can use this to check whether your child is following the plan.

If you'd like to keep up to date in more detail, you can share a password with your student to log in and see how much work has been completed.

All together, you'll be able to have a clear picture of the progress your student is making.

Should I take the PSAT or the SAT?

Check out our in-depth article about whether you should study for the PSAT or SAT.

Many ambitious students do try to study for both the PSAT and SAT at the same time, and PrepScholar helps a lot to coordinate your study scheduling. We recommend you start off with one PrepScholar test program, then join the program for the other test when you feel you’re ready to add it on.

I need advice about the SAT/ACT or college applications.

We know SAT/ACT prep and the college application process can be confusing.

That's why we've written thousands of high-quality strategy guides on our blog.

You'll find the world's best articles on PSAT/SAT/ACT prep, AP classes, college admissions, and more. If you have a question about high school academics, chances are we've answered it.

Browse the blog openly, or search for the articles you want on the right hand side of the blog!

How does PrepScholar's free trial work?

We want you to be sure that PrepScholar's the right prep program for you. That's why every PrepScholar program has a 5-day risk-free trial.

Here's how it works:

  • You sign up for a free trial.
  • The 5-day period begins only after the student completes the diagnostic. This means you can sign up today, and the timer only starts with the student has a chance to try PrepScholar.
  • If you like PrepScholar and want to stay on as a student, there's nothing you need to do. We'll charge your card, and you'll become a full PrepScholar student.
  • To cancel, just contact our support team and say you want to cancel. You won't be charged.

That's all! Sign up today to see how PrepScholar will improve your PSAT score.

How do I start with PrepScholar?

Just create your account and start your free trial. You'll get a step-by-step introduction to PrepScholar, then take your diagnostic!

How long does it take to complete?

In an ideal case, we usually recommend that most students put in at least 40 hours of study time as a baseline, including practice tests. This time can be split up in a way that’s most convenient. If you have two months to study, then 5 hours per week is a good target. If you have less time, then you should try to study more each week. If you have more time, you are welcome to study less each week. Students are never hindered from working more than 5 hours a week, nor are they penalized for working less.

However, please do note that individual study times vary, so some students can complete the program way below 40 hours, while others won’t be able to finish it by 40 hours. Completion is based on finishing lessons and not any explicit time metric.

Even if you aren’t able to put in 40 hours, you should still see great results. We’ve had students who studied just 20 hours with us and made large gains to their score.

Of course, the more time spent studying, the better the results will be. We have students who study upwards of 100 hours and they tend to do much better than those who study 20.

For practice tests, we try to recommend completing at least 1 practice tests before the real test, 2 if at all possible. This allows you really get used to the format of the exam. Most importantly, you should take the practice test under realistic conditions and not give yourself any extra time or breaks.

Ultimately, our program works to build on all the testable skills on the exam and every lesson a student does in the PrepScholar program will be dedicated to one of these testable skills. Once a student makes their way through the skill lessons in PrepScholar, they’ll be in good shape to rock the test!

Does PrepScholar have a 1-on-1 Tutoring Option?

Yes! PrepScholar offers the Complete Online Program for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. We also have an option to add one-on-one tutoring to your program to supplement your student’s learning.

Our tutoring packages add on hours of 1-on-1 instruction with a head PrepScholar tutor. All our tutors have scored in the 99th percentile on the test, so they've mastered the material. Furthermore, they all have extensive teaching experience, so they actually know how to teach difficult concepts to you.

Students who tutor with PrepScholar usually see two major benefits. First, they have the chance to ask as many questions as they like. Miss a question in PrepScholar but not sure how to solve it from the explanation? Your tutor will walk you through the steps and make sure you master the question. Second, your tutor will be able to diagnose patterns in the mistakes that you’re learning. You’ll get customized strategies to overcome your weak points and boost your score.

Tutoring is delivered online through Skype. To improve teaching efficacy, we also employ webcams, overhead cameras and whiteboards. This helps the tutor work through problems and strategies.

Because your tutoring is done in combination with the online prep program, every tutoring hour is much more effective. Your tutor will plan in detail so that every tutoring session is maximally effective at boosting your score. Even though our cost might be a bit higher than the average tutor, our tutors are better, and we deliver better results in less time.

You can see more details at our PrepScholar Tutors website.

If you have questions about whether our tutoring option is the right fit for your student, feel free to give us a call to our hotline!

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