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Free SAT Subject Test Guidance from PrepScholar

Drawing on our extensive personal experience as well as large amounts of independent research, we've created these SAT Subject Test guides, available to you for free!

Excerpt How to Study for SAT Subject Tests

How to Study for SAT Subject Tests: 5 Expert Tips

This guide teaches you the five most critical factors for increasing your SAT Subject Test scores.

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Excerpt What's More Important?

AP Exams Vs. SAT Subject Tests: What's More Important?

What are the differences between AP tests and SAT Subject tests? Which test matters more for college? Which is harder? Learn the answers with this guide.

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Excerpt Which SAT Subject Test Should You Take?

Which SAT Subject Tests Should You Take?

With over 15 different SAT Subject Tests to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones will be the most helpful for your college applications. Here we outline the 8 questions you should ask yourself to determine which tests to take.

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Learn Critical Facts about SAT Subject Tests

How important are SAT Subject Tests and what does this mean for you? Learn with these resources.

Excerpt How Are SAT Subject Tests Scored?

How Are SAT Subject Tests Scored?

See how the SAT Subject Tests are scored differently from the SAT and what that means for your test-taking strategies.

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How Long Are the SAT Subject Tests?

How Long Are SAT Subject Tests?

While all SAT Subject Tests are exactly 60 minutes long, the format, types of questions, and time pressure you will feel varies tremendously from test to test. We discuss how this plays out for each Subject test in this article.

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SAT Target Symbol

Calculate Your SAT Subject Test Target Scores

Every student has different goals, so every student needs different SAT Subject Test target scores. Read to find out how to find yours.

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Strategies for SAT Subject Test Prep

The typical student makes critical mistakes in SAT Subject Test prep and leaves points on the table. You can get an advantage by learning these effective strategies.

SAT Prep Books Picture

SAT/ACT/PSAT/SAT Subject Test Prep Blog

Our blog is constantly updated with the latest SAT Subject Test strategies. Subscribing to this is a must!

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Complete List of SAT Subject Tests

The Complete List of SAT Subject Tests

Be sure to bookmark this guide for a constantly updated list of what SAT Subject Tests are currently offered.

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The Easiest SAT Subject Tests

The Easiest SAT Subject Tests to Take

Just because a lot of people do well on a test doesn't make it easy. Find out the real deal behind which SAT Subject Tests are the easiest (and which are only taken by the most qualified students).

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