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Unlock your potential with personalized prep.

Adaptive online test prep program scientifically designed to understand your strengths and weaknesses and customize to your exact abilities, so you’ll make more progress in less time than with any other program. Guaranteed.

College Admissions Consulting

Expert admissions advisors leverage proven strategies and extensive experience working with thousands of students to get you into your top choice schools.

Personalized Test Prep

PrepScholar offers the only test prep platform that uses performance algorithms to continually evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to focus instruction where you need it.

Expert Tutors and Advisors

PrepScholar tutors and advisors not only scored in the 99th percentile and attended the most prestigious universities, but they are trained educators who leverage your individual data and proven strategies to deliver the precise support you need to be successful.

Admissions Advantage

With PrepScholar, you’ll join 99% of students who are admitted into their Top 10 Choice Colleges. You’ll also be 6.1x more likely to get into the Ivies over non-PrepScholar students.

We Help You Get Results

Our students get bigger SAT scores.


On average, our SAT students see a 180 point improvement! A quarter of those students see improvements of 370 or more.

The PrepScholar Advantage


PrepScholar students are 6.1x more likely to gain admissions to the Top 10 Colleges in the US.

Our students succeed!


of our students are admitted into at least one of their top choice schools.

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