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Take a Smart Diagnostic

Take a 60-question starter diagnostic, and our CustomPrep technology will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses across every skill the ACT tests. Our algorithms are developed by Harvard PhDs and use data from hundreds of students so that your diagnostic is as accurate as possible.

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Get a Customized Study Plan

Based on your strengths and weaknesses, PrepScholar creates a study plan customized specifically for you. Our study plan splits up the ACT into dozens of specific skills that you need to master, then schedules them for you so you maximize your score. Every skill from each section of the ACT is covered: We do our best to help you master them all.

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Learn from Effective Lessons

For each skill, you’ll learn the content you need to know, and discover top ACT strategies from high-scoring experts. Then you’ll improve your skill with focused practice on dozens of realistic practice problems in each category. Each problem comes with detailed answer explanations so you’ll learn from your mistakes.

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Take Official Practice Tests

PrepScholar integrates up to 5 official ACT practice tests as part of your study program. We use realistic timing conditions so you’re prepared for the real thing. Best of all, you’ll see your actual ACT score improve over time.

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Track Progress

Track your progress as you improve on PrepScholar. With a complete record of lessons and practice tests, coupled with our smart analytics, you’ll see every improvement you’re making and every ACT point you’re gaining.

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Rock the ACT

After PrepScholar, you’ll be completely ready to take on the ACT. We’re so confident you’ll do well, we’re backed by the industry’s leading score improvement guarantee: improve your score by 4 points, or get your money back.

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I’m glad I have something that won’t waste my time with what I do know, and pinpoint what I don’t know. You guys are SAT experts.
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