The Digital SAT Is On Its Way

The SAT is transitioning to a new, digital format starting in 2023, and that means big changes for test takers. 

PrepScholar has all the information you need to get prepared, including a brand-new Digital SAT Test Prep program specifically designed to help boost students’ scores on this new test.

When you register for PrepScholar’s SAT Prep, you get access to both the Paper SAT and Digital SAT Prep —all for the same price. No extra steps are needed, so rest assured we’ve got you covered!

Roll-Out Dates

Mar 2023

Digital SAT starts being administered to students outside the US

Jul 2023

PrepScholar’s Digital SAT Prep becomes available to all PrepScholar students

Oct 2023

The Digital PSAT is administered to all students for the first time

Mar 2024

The Digital SAT is administered to all US-based students for the first time.

Changes You Need to Know

New Format

Students will take the SAT on laptops or tablets, either owned by them or by their school. Students will access their exam through The College Board’s Bluebook™ app.

The test will be shortened from 3 hours to 2 hours and 14 minutes

New Content

Because the Digital SAT is shorter, there will be adjustments to the test content. For example, students can use calculators on all math sections, and reading passages are shorter.

New Difficulty Levels

The Digital SAT is adaptive, which means the test changes based on students’ performance. The more questions they answer correctly, the harder the test gets.

Score Reports

Scores will become available days after the test instead of 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to order the Questions-and-Answers service that used to be available for some administrations

The maximum score will continue to be 1600.

PrepScholar’s New Digital SAT Prep Program

A new test means students need a new toolkit for success.

PrepScholar’s new, specialized Digital SAT Prep Program has been designed by experts to prepare students and help them boost their scores.

The PrepScholar program not only teaches students the newest test material, it tailors to each student’s skills to address their problem areas. The Digital SAT Prep Program also prepares students for the exam’s new adaptive format so they’re prepared to succeed on test day.

  • New Practice Questions
  • Built-in Calculator and Digital Test Tools
  • Emulates Digital SAT Experience

Get started with PrepScholar’s SAT Prep now and get access to both our Paper SAT and Digital SAT Prep.

Free, Expert Resources for the Digital SAT

There’s a lot to know about the new Digital SAT. Our experts have put together tons of free resources that answer your most frequently asked questions.