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Here's a quick intro to get started.

How to Use the Admissions Coach

Profile Page

Fill in information for your high school, GPA, and test scores. We’ll calculate your highest total score.

After you enter one test score, click “Save.” You’ll then be able to enter another test score.

To delete a test score, click the “Delete” check box, then click Save.


This page lets you search for every college in the United States, and filter them based on different characteristics.

Here’s a quick guide to getting started:

  1. Fill in your current SAT/ACT score and GPA.
  2. Check the items you want to see shown in the table. Move the sliders around to narrow down the list of schools.
  3. Click the header to sort by that column.
  4. Click the name of the school to find out how to get in.
  5. To add a school to your College List, check the box next to its name, and click “Add to My College List”

Here are examples of searches you can do:

Here’s what each of the filters means:


My College List

When you add a college from the College Search page, it’ll be added to this list.

Click on the school name to see more information about it, like its average scores, admissions rate, deadlines, and essay prompts.

If you plan to apply to a school, then click “Apply Here.” This will add deadlines for that school to your Application Timeline (described next).

If you plan to apply Early to any school, then click “Apply Early.” We will check that applying early doesn’t conflict with any other schools. For example, you can apply to only one Early Decision school. If there is a conflict, we’ll ask you to confirm before changing your timeline.

*Note that Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and U Notre Dame are Restrictive Early Action - you are only allowed to apply early to those schools. We’re going to add that designation to the Admissions Coach soon.


Application Timeline

This is your master timeline planner for college admissions. For any of the tasks we create for you, you can edit the name, deadline, and status. You can also delete a task.

We automatically create tasks to help you focus on the important things.

Here are the important tasks we create for everyone:

If your college uses the Common Application, we’ll create Common Application-specific tasks.

If your college has school-specific required essays, we’ll create essay tasks.

Click on the header to sort by that column.

You can also create Add New Tasks to your timeline to customize your timeline.