How the 7 Best GMAT Apps Can Improve Your Score


GMAT apps are an undeniably appealing way to study for the GMAT: they’re convenient, fun, and a great excuse to play with your phone. Good ones can be a great addition to your study plan, but they aren’t enough on their own.

This article is a complete guide to GMAT apps that will help you lean how to use GMAT apps effectively, rather than letting them become a time-wasting distraction. I’ll go over the qualities that make a GMAT app worth using, the seven best GMAT apps available, and the best ways to incorporate apps into your GMAT prep. Continue reading “How the 7 Best GMAT Apps Can Improve Your Score”

The 12 Best Free GMAT Practice Tests

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Taking timed practice tests is an integral part of preparing for the GMAT. Fortunately, there’s a lot of free material online that will give you the full test-taking experience.

This guide features the top 12 resources for free GMAT practice tests, along with a full review of each test’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, you’ll find some tips on how to use GMAT practice tests in the most effective way possible.

Before getting to the free GMAT practice tests, let’s consider what you should look for in a practice test. Continue reading “The 12 Best Free GMAT Practice Tests”

Last Minute GMAT Tips: 15 Strategies to Rock Test Day


Trying to prepare for the GMAT, but don’t have a lot of time left before the exam? Whether you’re in the final stage of a long GMAT prep plan or hoping to cram all your studying into just a few weeks, I have some last-minute GMAT tips to help you ace the exam.

In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about getting the most out of your final study sessions, from last-minute GMAT prep tips to high-impact test-taking tips. Continue reading “Last Minute GMAT Tips: 15 Strategies to Rock Test Day”

7 Tips for Retaking the GMAT [Video]

Retaking the GMAT is common, but it is most often not very successful — the average score improvement on a second try is only about 30 points. In some cases, that’s enough to get into your dream school, but in many others, it’s a waste of a $250 test and weeks or months of study.

So how can you be sure that your GMAT retake won’t leave you needing to schedule yet another retake? In “7 Tips for Retaking the GMAT”, we walk you through the top tips for getting the score you want on your retake test day.

To achieve your goal score, it’s important to approach your GMAT retake differently than your previous attempt(s), as well as to use your previous test experience to your advantage. In these 7 tips, we cover

  • whether or not you should be retaking the GMAT (it isn’t for everyone).
  • when you should schedule your GMAT retake based on how much time you’ll need to get the score improvement you want (and how to calculate this yourself using your previous GMAT score).
  • how you should structure your study leading up to retaking the GMAT.
  • how you should approach the day of your GMAT retake itself.

We also dig into the value of investing in certain study tools (such as the GMAT Enhanced Score Report and personalized programs/tutoring) for building out and sticking to a study plan that will work for you.

Watch the video to learn more!

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Happy GMAT studies, and good luck retaking the GMAT!

How to Start Preparing for the GMAT: 4 First Steps


So you’re ready to study for the GMAT. But where should you start? The demands of prepping for the exam can be overwhelming, but if you know how to begin, you’ll set yourself up for success.

In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about how to start preparing for GMAT test day, including when to start studying, how to make a prep plan, and what to focus on first. Continue reading “How to Start Preparing for the GMAT: 4 First Steps”

The 6 Best GMAT PDFs for Your Prep


If you don’t have regular access to a computer or another web-enabled device, or if you simply like using pen and paper, studying with a GMAT PDF can be another way to prepare on your GMAT preparation journey.

There aren’t many high quality GMAT PDF resources out there, but in this guide, I’ll give you links to some of the best ones across a number of categories. I’ll also talk about the pros and cons of using a GMAT PDF as you’re preparing to take the GMAT.

Continue reading “The 6 Best GMAT PDFs for Your Prep”

GMAT Sample Tests: The Best Way to Start Studying


If you’ve looked at any GMAT study plan or enrolled in any GMAT prep classes, you’ve probably noticed that the first thing either one will have you do is take a full-length GMAT sample test. That’s because taking GMAT practice tests is a great way to establish your baseline skills and monitor your progress as you move towards test day. But where can you find sample tests to incorporate in your GMAT prep?

In this guide, I’ll talk about how to use sample GMAT tests to get started with your studying. First, I’ll discuss why it’s so important to take sample tests in the first place. Next, I’ll discuss what makes a good sample GMAT (all sample GMATs are not created equal). Then, I’ll give you links to free official and unofficial sample tests you can use. Finally, I’ll talk about how you can use GMAT sample tests to further your studying and get you closer to achieving your GMAT goal score.

Continue reading “GMAT Sample Tests: The Best Way to Start Studying”

Expert Review: Manhattan GMAT Books


The Manhattan GMAT books (or more properly, the Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides) are arguably the most well-known GMAT guides out there. But are they really worth the time and money? In this guide, I’ll examine the Manhattan GMAT prep resources in depth, discuss their pros and cons, and talk about how to figure out whether they’re right for you.

Continue reading “Expert Review: Manhattan GMAT Books”

How to Beat the GMAT: 10 Key Strategies


You’ve heard about beating the GMAT, but is it really possible? Can you vastly improve your score before the exam? In this article, I’ll go over how likely it is to improve your GMAT score by leaps and bounds and explain 10 key tips for how to beat the GMAT. Continue reading “How to Beat the GMAT: 10 Key Strategies”

Ask a Kellogg MBA: Admissions and GMAT FAQ [Video]

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is well-known as one of the top business schools in the United States. But why do real MBA candidates choose Kellogg? What exactly does it take to get in? And how important is the GMAT in the admissions process?

In “Ask a Kellogg MBA: Admissions and GMAT FAQ”, we sit down with Yuan Geng, a Kellogg MBA and Director of GRE and TOEFL here at PrepScholar. She answers our questions about Kellogg MBA admissions and responds to some GMAT FAQ, including:

  1. Why Kellogg?
  2. What was the Kellogg MBA application process like when you applied?
  3. How important was your GMAT score as part of your Kellogg MBA admissions application?
  4. How did you study for the GMAT?
  5. Did you do anything to study for the GMAT that you wouldn’t recommend to students currently preparing for the test?
  6. What is your biggest piece of advice for students beginning the Kellogg MBA admissions process or applying to another business school?

Watch the video to hear her answers!

If you like the “Ask a ______ MBA: Admissions and GMAT FAQ” focus of this video, feel free to request an interview focused on a different business school in the YouTube comments! You can also check out our Ask a Wharton MBA video here.

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Happy studies!

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