Can You Cancel GMAT Appointments? Should You?


Sometimes, as your GMAT test day quickly approaches, you may have to make the difficult decision to cancel your GMAT appointment. Maybe you’re sick and don’t feel well enough to take the test, or you’ve had a family emergency come up. Maybe you’ve decided you’re not prepared enough to do well. Maybe you’ve already gotten into business school and don’t need to take the GMAT again!

No matter what your reason for canceling a GMAT appointment, it’s important to understand the process for canceling so that you don’t lose a lot of money or get saddled with other unforeseen consequences. In this guide, I’ll talk about what cancelling your GMAT really means. I’ll discuss the GMAT cancellation policy, how to cancel a GMAT appointment, and how to decide whether or not you should cancel your GMAT appointment.

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Can You Reschedule Your GMAT? Is There a Fee?


So you’ve scheduled your GMAT appointment and feel good about it. A month later, you find out that’s your sister’s wedding date. What can you do? Don’t panic: you can reschedule the GMAT, though there is a fee. 

In this article, I’ll go over how to reschedule your GMAT date, how much it costs, and when it’s a good or bad move to reschedule. Continue reading “Can You Reschedule Your GMAT? Is There a Fee?”

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How Long Do GMAT Scores Last?


Unlike a diamond, a GMAT score isn’t forever. But how long do GMAT scores last, exactly? After five years, GMAT scores are no longer valid for business school admission. After 10 years, you can’t even see them!

If you’re applying to a business program, you’ll need to send scores that are five or fewer years old. Read on to find out the exact policies around how long GMAT scores last and how these policies affect your test-taking schedule.

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GMAT Time Management Made Simple [Video]

Effective time management is something many GMAT test takers struggle with – with only two sections that contain many questions and multiple question types, the GMAT makes it easy to mismanage your time during a section and get behind schedule. So on the GMAT, how long should you spend on each question?

In “GMAT Time Management Made Simple”, we break down GMAT time management by the numbers.

In the first half of the video, we go over the length of GMAT Verbal and Quant. Using this information, we determine time per question for each section. We then discuss how on each section of the GMAT, time per question can vary, particularly if the question includes a passage. We use these differences to give guidance on approximate time spend per question type and per question element.

In the second half of the video, we delve into how to use this information on test day to improve your GMAT time management. Effectively managing your time on the GMAT comes down to setting checkpoints for how far you should be in the test based on how much work you have done — we walk through two tried-and-true methods for setting these checkpoints. If you’re behind schedule on one of your check-ins, your primary goal is to get back on track. As a final message, we close with a GMAT time management trick for making up for lost time quickly.

Watch the video to learn how to make the most of your time on the GMAT!

While it isn’t covered in the video, these same GMAT time management principles can also be applied to Integrated Reasoning and the Analytical Writing Assessment.

Test takers are given 30 minutes for 12 Integrated Reasoning questions. On the IR section of the GMAT, time per question should be about 2.5 minutes. However, it’s important to recognize that more complex question types, such as Multi-Source Reasoning, may be more time consuming than others. For AWA, test takers have 30 minutes to assess the given argument and write your essay. Dedicate a reasonable amount of time up top to understanding the argument and outlining your essay (directly on the screen!) before writing a single complete sentence.

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Happy studies, and good luck preparing for the most important 3 hours and 30 minutes of your GMAT career!

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How Long Does It Take to Get GMAT Scores?


Are you taking the GMAT soon or have you recently taken it? If so, you might be wondering, how long does it take to get GMAT scores? It’s important to know when you’ll get your GMAT scores so that you can plan how early you’ll need to take the test in order to get your scores sent in time for school application deadlines.

In this guide, I’ll be explaining how long it will take to get your GMAT scores, when schools school receive your GMAT score reports, and how to use this information to plan for your GMAT test.

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Quick and Easy GMAT Scratch Paper Technique [Video]

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of GMAT strategy is using your GMAT scratch pad. Using your GMAT scratch paper to keep track of and work through information is a large part of your testing experience, so learning how to use it effectively is critical to your success on the exam. In “GMAT Scratch Paper Technique”, we discuss a quick strategy for making the most of your GMAT scratch paper.

First, we discuss why the GMAT scratch pad provided by your testing center is different than any scratch paper you’ve used before: GMAT scratch paper comes in a spiral-bound pad of 5 sheets; the pages are yellow, laminated, and covered in a grid pattern; you write on it with a marker than you can’t erase; and you can only get more paper if you request a new pad from your proctor.

However, this strange set up can be a blessing in disguise. We reveal the technique that will help you make the most of your GMAT scratch paper: using the grid to your advantage. We spend the remainder of the video digging into various applications of this GMAT strategy — from straightforward uses of the GMAT scratch paper grid, such as the creation of diagrams, to less obvious uses that lead to the reduction of simple mistakes and improved time management.

Watch the video to learn more!

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Happy GMAT studies!

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GMAT Fees: How Much Does the Exam Cost?


If you’re a future business student, then you know it’s important to think about the bottom line. Before you get into business school, how much will you need to spend on GMAT fees?

This guide will go over all the fees associated with the GMAT so you know what to expect as a test-taker. Plus, you’ll find some tips for keeping your total GMAT cost down.

To start, let’s answer the big question: how much does the GMAT cost? Continue reading “GMAT Fees: How Much Does the Exam Cost?”

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GMAT Test Centers: Where to Take the Exam


If you’re planning to take the GMAT, you’ve probably started to think about when you’ll take the test and how you’re going to prepare. But one thing that you might not have thought too much about is where to take the GMAT.

Why does this matter? Well, where you take the exam can have a bigger impact than you might think on your test performance. After putting in the time and effort to prepare for the test, you want to make sure that the logistics of test day go as smoothly as possible.

In this guide, I’ll be talking about what GMAT test center options you have, how to find a GMAT location near you, and some general tips about what to expect on test day.

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GMAT Scratch Paper: 13 Expert Tips to Use It Effectively


Can you use scratch paper on the GMAT? What does it look like, and how do you use it? Questions about the GMAT scratch pad are common for students preparing for the exam.

In this article, I’ll go over the details of the GMAT scratch paper, how to use your GMAT noteboard effectively, and how to simulate the official notepad at home as you prepare to take the test. Continue reading “GMAT Scratch Paper: 13 Expert Tips to Use It Effectively”

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How to Register for the GMAT: Complete 8-Step Guide


Over 247,000 students around the world take the GMAT every year as they prepare to apply to business school. If you’re planning to be one of those students, how do you register for this important test?

This guide will lead you through the full GMAT registration process, step by step, so you don’t make any mistakes for this important test. Continue reading “How to Register for the GMAT: Complete 8-Step Guide”

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