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Our 36 scoring founders created a method unlike any other. Based on how they aced the ACT, their future patent-pending algorithms are proven to give the best results. Hands down.

Read on below about how PrepScholar can help you get an average improvement of 4 points.

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Personalized Study Program

We pinpoint your specific weaknesses and create a lesson plan that’s ideal for you. Your lesson plan adapts to you as you learn, so that you’re always making the most progress with every lesson. It’s like having a tutor who knows every detail about your learning and can make thousands of calculations per second to customize your learning.

Don’t worry, even if you’re a whiz at certain skills, you can still practice them. Every skill from the Reading, Writing, and Math sections is covered. We do our best to help you master them all.

Easy to use tools

Our clear, informative videos show you the strategies you need to ace the ACT, then demonstrate the strategies on hundreds of ACT questions. All instructors are 99-percentile scorers on the ACT, so you know you’re learning from people who have mastered the ACT. With PrepScholar you’ll learn the single best strategy for writing the ACT essay, the essential methods to solve any ACT Math question, the most common ways the ACT tries to trick you, and much more.


Complete All-in-One Package

Wondering what the best method for ACT prep is? Your search ends here. We’re the complete ACT solution, incorporating diagnostics, lessons, practice questions, and official practice tests. Every section of the ACT is covered. We’re a complete, comprehensive ACT prep system, taking you from day one to test day.


24/7 Help Is Just a Click Away

Confused about a concept or question? Help is always just a click away. You can ask an unlimited number of questions to one of our experienced PrepScholar ACT advisers. We’ll always get back to you within one business day with a detailed explanation.

I like that I learn a lesson about a certain topic, and then I’m quizzed on it immediately. I remember the lessons much better this way.
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Top Student Satisfaction

We offer an unmatched ACT prep experience. Our highest priority is student satisfaction, and it shows, from answering last-minute emails from our students to listening closely to every student’s feedback. We want every student to ace the ACT and recommend PrepScholar to a friend.