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The only online program scientifically designed to understand students’ SAT strengths and weaknesses and customize exactly to their abilities.

An Adaptive SAT Prep program that meets your students where they are, and hones into what they need most.


  • Adaptive Technology
  • Weekly Guided Study Plan
  • SMS Study Reminders
  • Progress Tracking Menu
  • Teacher Dashboard
  • Digital SAT/PSAT Ready


  • 90 skill lessons with strategy videos
  • 4100 practice questions
  • 4 full-length practice tests
  • 210 hours of total content
  • 22 Testing-Stratgy Lessons
  • 6 modules of College Admissions Bootcamp

We’ve got your students covered on the Digital SAT!

PrepScholar has been providing online, adaptive SAT prep for over 10 years. Now, with the Digital SAT pivoting to a computerized testing model, we’re uniquely positioned to offer you the best Digital SAT preparation available in the industry.

Emulated Digital SAT Experience

Our new interface is designed to mirror the College Board’s Bluebook™ app, ensuring the most realistic preparation for the Digital SAT. Just like in the Bluebook™ app, you can:

  • Highlight and annotate questions
  • Cross out likely-incorrect answer choices
  • Flag questions for later review
  • Utilize the on-screen calculator
  • Access the reference sheet of commonly used math formulas 

New Content, Designed For a New Test

The Digital SAT isn’t just a shift from pencil-and-paper to a computer-based test; it’s also a significant transformation in content and question format. That is why, unlike other test prep providers, we’ve spent thousands of hours developing new content tailored to this new test. Our Digital SAT Prep offers:

  • 4000+ brand-new practice questions tailored to match the Digital SAT content and format, expertly designed to mirror tricky question and answer patterns.
  • 20+ hours of new dynamic skill lessons with premium explainer videos that cover essential concepts and new test-taking strategies.
  • Strategy-focused lessons to help users navigate both the Digital SAT and the increasingly-competitive world of college admissions and financial aid.

How PrepScholar Works

Start with a Diagnostic Test

Students take a 1-hour smart diagnostic test so we can measure their proficiency across 50 skills that make up the SAT.

Improve with a Customized Weekly Study Plan

Within moments, the adaptive algorithm personalizes students’ study plan, which students receive each week to support efficient studying.

Learn with Interactive Lessons

We broke down the SAT into 49 fine-grained skills so you can tackle each section of the test carefully.

1. Explore and Learn

Review the topic and strategies with a mix of videos, diagrams, and interactive examples

2. Targeted Practice Quiz

Test your skill and knowledge with 10 to 20 realistic practice questions

3. Review your Mistakes

Learn from your mistakes with our thorough, step-by-step explanations

Teacher/Supervisor Dashboard

Monitor Study Time

Monitor students’ study time, lesson completion, and skill level progress

Cluster Your Students

Break up groups of students into different clusters as needed.

Class Instructional Guides

PrepScholar provides instructional guides on all lessons and questions for teachers to work on in class.

Real Results Speak for Themselves

The improvement that PrepScholar students make is 4.1x higher than the average student in the United States, as reported by official College Board statistics.


Average SAT Score Improvement

Preparing Students To Succeed In Their College Applications

PrepScholar’s Admissions Bootcamp

Included in SAT/ACT Prep

The college admissions process is more complicated than ever before. Yet, students are receiving less support than ever, with some schools reporting a 1:400 high school counselor to student ratio. 

PrepScholar’s Admissions Bootcamp is an online program designed to close that gap and offer all students an equal opportunity to submit well-informed and thoughtfully-prepared college and financial aid applications. Our end goal is helping students gain admission to the best colleges and secure the highest amount of need- and merit-based financial aid.

Admissions Bootcamp is divided into six modules that teach students a different piece of the application process. Each module is made up of explainer videos, thorough guides, hands-on exercises, and additional resources. The lessons are:

  • The What, When, and Why of College Apps
  • Crafting Your College List – Finding Your Fit
  • Designing Admissions Strategy
  • Showcasing The Spike That Will Make You Stand Out
  • Writing Your Personal Essay
  • Navigating Financial Aid and Scholarships

More Modules Coming Soon! Including: Guide to the Common Application, Extracurricular Activities 101, Exploring College Majors, Navigating Letters of Recommendation, and many more.

Direct Access To Experts

Admissions Bootcamp students also benefit from monthly webinars and Q&A sessions with our expert panel consisting of former admissions officers from top universities. Each webinar covers a different topic suited to the time of year and trends in the college admissions world.

After the presentation, each webinar hosts a Q&A session so students can participate and get answers to their most pressing questions.

Browse some of our past webinars:

The Do’s & Dont’s of the Personal Statement
Navigating Extracurriculars to Boost your College
Busting Common Myths About US College Admissions
How To Stand Out in College Admissions

Admissions Officer Webinar Panel

The Advisory Panelists have worked extensively on “the other side of the desk” at selective institutions and can speak specifically to the way admissions readers interpret and evaluate applications.

They provide helpful, well-informed advice to our students and address specific questions that you cannot get simple answers to on the web.

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    About Us

    Founded by Harvard grads, PrepScholar started in 2013 with the mission of providing customized, high-quality test prep to high school students in order to maximize their chances of admissions to their dream colleges.