1-on-1 ACT Tutoring

Max Out Your ACT Score

Master the test with top-scoring tutors from the nation’s best universities. Raise your score through one-on-one, face-to-face tutoring, without ever leaving your living room.

Percentile Tutors Only

Get a Free 1-Hour Admissions Strategy Session 

We want you to ace the ACT and get admitted to your dream college

For a limited time, select ACT Tutoring packages include a personalized 1-hour strategy session with an expert Admissions Consultant (a $245 value). Use this hour to evaluate your candidacy, craft your college list, or to ask any questions you have about college admissions.


Monitored Prep

  • 4 Hours of Tutoring
  • Expert Tutor Checkpoints to Review and Provide Tips
  • 40+ Hours of Online Test Prep Practice

Tutor-Led Prep

Bonus 1-Hour Admissions Strategy Session Included
(Enroll before 7/18)

  • 12 Hours of Tutoring
  • Close personal guidance from an expert tutor
  • 40+ Hours of Online Test Prep Practice


Full Tutoring Prep

Bonus 1-Hour Admissions Strategy Session Included
(Enroll before 7/18)

  • 20 Hours of Tutoring
  • Close personal guidance from an expert tutor
  • 40+ Hours of Online Test Prep Practice

Comprehensive Tutoring Prep

Bonus 1-Hour Admissions Strategy Session Included
(Enroll before 7/18)

  • 36 Hours of Tutoring
  • Comprehensive 1-on-1 study with an expert tutor
  • 40+ Hours of Online Test Prep Practice

Maximize Your Score Increase

Is getting the highest possible ACT score your top goal, bar none? Then you should add on 1-on-1 tutoring. This provides you with the best of both worlds: unlimited practice on our personalized online platform, and a 1-on-1 live expert tutor to ensure every last concept and question is understood.

Identify and Fix Patterns of Mistakes

Our tutors analyze exactly how you approached each problem from your homework quizzes or practice tests. By doing this, we can detect patterns of mistakes that you didn’t know you were committing. This allows us to craft custom strategies to prevent these mistakes in the future.

Develop Strategies Right for You

Did you know that even students who have identical scores often need completely different strategies, due to their different thought processes? Our tutors are trained at crafting customized strategies just for you, taking into account not only your current skill level, but also the way you think.

Only The Best Tutors

You learn better when your tutor is right for you. Your tutor can’t just be a high scorer; they also need to be a great teacher. 

At PrepScholar, no matter which package you choose, you will always get a premium tutor, who’s a perfect match for you, without having to pay extra.

  • 99th percentile or perfect scorers
  • Passionate, expert teachers with proven teaching skills
  • Graduates from Ivies or Top 20 colleges
  • Expertise in specific test sections (e.g. English/Math) or student needs (e.g. ADHD)
  • Matched to you for a perfect fit

Efficient ACT Tutoring that Matches Your Needs

PrepScholar tutors work closely with you to support your unique needs as a learner. Unlike other companies, our tutors have the advantage of tracking your progress in the ACT Complete Prep program between sessions, so they can adjust your learning plan in real-time with lessons that target specific areas where you can improve.

Depending on your target score, studying habits, and general preference, you can determine how much time you’d like to work with a tutor to meet your goals.

We recommend spreading out your tutoring sessions and 40 hours of recommended practice in your online program over the period between your start date and test date:

4 and 12 hours of tutoring option:

Self Study

Tutoring Session

Self Study

Tutoring Session

Self Study

20 and 36 hours of tutoring option:

More Tutoring Sessions

Self Study

More Tutoring Sessions

Self Study

More Tutoring Sessions

Access to the Best Tutors in the Nation

Our tutoring is better because our teachers are better. Since our tutoring is completely online, you can study with the best tutors from all over the nation. Even if you find the best tutor where you live, they’re still just the best tutor in your town or in your city. We comb the entire nation for the most experienced, dedicated, talented, and inspiring tutors so that you can connect with them from the convenience your own home.

Flexible Scheduling

Choose between weekend or weekday, morning, afternoon, or night! We’ll customize your tutoring schedule to best fit you.Have soccer games coming up? Change up your schedule! Going on vacation for a week? We’ll create a study plan that fits your schedule while keeping you on track until test day.

Guaranteed from Start To Finish

We Raise Your Score, Guaranteed

4+ Score Improvement or It’s Free

We’ve tutored over a thousand students, and we know our methods work. If you don’t see that increase, we’ll completely refund your Automated Prep program and provide you all the hours of tutoring you started with, absolutely free. See full terms and conditions.

Try it Risk-Free

First-Hour Guarantee

We’re so confident in our tutors and prep program that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Try the first hour of tutoring and up to 10 hours of our online program and see if our prep is right for you. If you’re not satisfied, let us know and we’ll give you a full, 100% refund of your prep package.

Average Composite Score Improvement


Get a Free ACT Consultation

Have questions about ACT Prep or 1-on-1 Tutoring? Set up a free consultation with a PrepScholar Academic Advisor today.

    Also Included: Our adaptive Complete ACT Online Prep program

    When you sign up for tutoring, you’ll receive full access to the PrepScholar adaptive online ACT prep program.  It’s individualized just for you and offers thousands of questions, lessons, videos, strategies, practice tests, and progress tracking. 

    Step-by-Step Guided Prep

    We’ll give you an easy-to-follow study plan that spells out specific lessons, practice tests, and review materials you should work on between tutoring sessions. 

    Videos to Clarify Hard Concepts

    Interactive lessons include short videos that break down tough content and teach you helpful strategies. See a sample video.

    Create Your Own Quizzes

    Custom quizzes allow you to drill into topics and deepen understanding through detailed explanations.

    Progress Dashboard and Reports

    Your personalized progress dashboard gives you a birds-eye-view of your progression in al 51 ACT skills and a weekly progress report is sent to your inbox.

    Learn more about the Complete ACT Online Prep Course ›

    How Our ACT Tutoring Stacks Up

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    Price per Hour
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    starts at
    Not Offered
    4/12/20/54 hrs
    10/18 hrs
    10/20/30/40 hrs
    99th % Tutors
    Point Improvement Guarantee
    Risk-Free Trial
    1-Hour Money Back
    May switch tutor
    7 days
    Supportive Learning Materials
    Adaptive Online Prep
    on-demand videos
    Live online course
    Self-paced course
    Adaptive/Custom Prep
    Practice Questions
    Video Lessons
    Progress Tracking

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