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New SAT Transition FAQ:

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This FAQ applies to all students signing up January 2016 onwards. Don't see your question here? Contact Us.

Should I study for only the New SAT or only the Old SAT or both?

Only the New SAT is officially administered since March 2016. Therefore, you should be studying for only the New SAT.

How do I make sure I get the New SAT Prep for PrepScholar? Is PrepScholar's New SAT prep truly geared for the New SAT?

Your program will already be in the New SAT by default! You don't need to do a thing. And yes, PrepScholar's New SAT prep has been designed specifically for the New SAT from the ground up. We rewrote new practice questions designed specifically for the special format of the New SAT. We also revamped our strategies to target the New SAT so you'll be completely up to date.

How can I make sure any SAT program I am considering (even beyond PrepScholar) gears for the New SAT?

At PrepScholar, we pride ourselves on having spent thousands of hours of research preparing a New SAT program completely geared towards the New SAT. We didn't slap a new sticker on the Old SAT; instead, we did it right. The sad truth is that not everyone takes the same cautions, so here are some questions you ought to ask any program.

+ Is your program for the New SAT or Old?
Our answer: Our program was designed from scratch entirely for the New SAT.
Bad answer: The same program prepares you for both.

+ The Old SAT ended January 2016 - when did you begin building your New SAT product?
Our answer: 2014.
Bad answer: We "adapted" our Old SAT program to the New SAT in 2016 / late 2015)

+ Is your program designed from the ground up to aim at the New SAT?
Our answer: Yes.
Bad answer: Well...

+ How much experience do you have with New SAT students?
Our answer: We have thousands of New SAT students and growing. We constantly adjust our program based on feedback.
Bad answer: You're the third class (or, heaven forbid, first class) I've had for the New SAT.

Do you ship practice books for the New SAT?

The New SAT program uses the free tests provided by the College Board available right here. Therefore, PrepScholar doesn't ship books as part of the New SAT program.

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