Instructor-Led SAT Classes

Take advantage of live, interactive classes to learn from expert instructors in real-time to get your top score. Using PrepScholar’s proven curriculum, you and your classmates can review strategies and get answers to questions in real-time. Live classes are offered around the clock, so you can choose from a variety of times and instructors. 

Our live instructors respond to your real questions. A portion of each class will be dedicated to answering the most important questions you and your classmates have.

  • Digital SAT Ready: Prep for the new SAT with our updated class syllabus, alongside new features and content included in the Complete Online Prep program.


Also included: Complete SAT Online Prep (a $397 value)


How the Classes Work

Begin with a Diagnostic Test

Create your PrepScholar account and complete our 90-minute diagnostic test. We’ll use your results to begin assigning you personalized, targeted lessons and quizzes immediately.

Start Self-Paced Adaptive Online Course

Get your first individualized homework assignments through the online learning system to start learning and receiving feedback right away. Set your own homework schedule, and our system will adjust to fit your progress.

Join the Live Classes

Join your instructor and classmates in a group of no more than 9 students in an intuitive online classroom that follows a carefully planned syllabus and allows you to ask questions as you go.

Get Personalized Homework Assignments

Between each class and after the group classes end, you’ll get personalized homework assignments through the PrepScholar adaptive Test Prep online program so you master what you learned. You’ll also take timed, full-length practice tests so you can put it all together on test day. 

New Classes Are Starting All the Time…

Mar 6 – Mar 22

Wed & Fri 4:00 – 5:30 PM ET – Only 2 Spots Left!
SAT Prep Class Details March 6 – March 22 | Wed & Fri 4:00 – 5:30 PM ET – Only 2 Spots Left!
  • Wednesday, Mar 6
    New strategies for the Digital SAT for all topics.
  • Friday, Mar 8
    The PrepScholar Reading method, main ideas, and structure.
  • Wednesday, Mar 13
    Reading closely and using evidence.
  • Friday, Mar 15
    The Top 5 Math strategies in geometry, data, ratios.
  • Wednesday, Mar 20
    Algebra – equations to polynomials.
  • Friday, Mar 22
    Key strategies for grammar, statistics and Test Day.

Mar 12 – Mar 28

Tue & Thu 5:00 – 6:30 PM ET
SAT Prep Class Details March 12 – March 28 | Tue & Thu 5:00 – 6:30 PM ET
  • Tuesday, Mar 12
    New strategies for the Digital SAT for all topics.
  • Thursday, Mar 14
    The PrepScholar Reading method, main ideas, and structure.
  • Tuesday, Mar 19
    Reading closely and using evidence.
  • Thursday, Mar 21
    The Top 5 Math strategies in geometry, data, ratios.
  • Tuesday, Mar 26
    Algebra – equations to polynomials.
  • Thursday, Mar 28
    Key strategies for grammar, statistics and Test Day.

Mar 16 – Apr 20

Sat 10:00 – 11:30 AM ET
SAT Prep Class Details March 16 – April 20 | Sat 10:00 – 11:30 AM ET
  • Saturday, Mar 16
    New strategies for the Digital SAT for all topics.
  • Saturday, Mar 23
    The PrepScholar Reading method, main ideas, and structure.
  • Saturday, Mar 30
    Reading closely and using evidence.
  • Saturday, Apr 6
    The Top 5 Math strategies in geometry, data, ratios.
  • Saturday, Apr 13
    Algebra – equations to polynomials.
  • Saturday, Apr 20
    Key strategies for grammar, statistics and Test Day.

Get a Free SAT Consultation

Have questions about SAT Prep or group classes? Set up a free consultation with a PrepScholar Academic Advisor today.

    Top Scorers. Amazing Instructors.

    We only hire the best instructors to lead PrepScholar Classes. Each of our instructors has scored in the 99th percentile on the test. They’ve also attended top colleges. But unlike other companies, everyone on our team is a passionate, talented educator. They don’t just know the test, they know how to explain complicated ideas and patiently guide you through your test prep. 

    Our Proven Syllabus – What to Expect in Each PrepScholar SAT Class

    Diagnostic Test

    Effective test prep has to start with an effective diagnostic. PrepScholar’s 90-minute smart diagnostic will evaluate your starting mastery in all 45 skills needed to ace the SAT. We’ll use your results to build your personalized homework plan.

    The diagnostic is individual and completely online, so you can take it on your own schedule. As soon as you sign up, you get full access to our online program to start your diagnostic.

    Session 1 – New strategies for the Digital SAT for all topics.

    We’ll break down for you the structure of the Digital SAT, including PrepScholar’s top strategies for tackling each section’s modules and how to utilize the embedded tools provided for you on test day. 

    You’ll then go over how to identify the types of questions you’ll be asked as well as the skills being tested to understand how to answer them efficiently. 

    Session 2 – The PrepScholar Reading method, main ideas, and structure.

    Learn PrepScholar’s proven method for cracking the Reading section, including expert strategies for pacing, breaking down passages, and answering questions quickly and accurately.

    After learning the big section strategies, you’ll learn how to tackle main ideas, text structure and purpose, and expression of ideas questions. You’ll also learn how to work through paired passages like a pro, and dive into grammar concepts such as punctuation and sentence structure.

    Session 3 – Reading closely and using evidence.

    Zoom in on the details of Reading passages. Building on the strategies you learned in your first class, you’ll learn to find and use the specific information you need to answer the SAT’s little-picture questions.

    You’ll learn to crack specific question types including finding key details, style and tone, inferences, command of evidence, and rhetorical synthesis. You’ll also learn to use charts and figures in Analyzing Quantitative Information questions, and continue covering grammar concepts such as verb agreements and possessives.

    Session 4 – The Top 5 Math strategies in geometry, data, ratios.

    Learn PrepScholar’s top five math strategies, the core secrets to answering any math question quickly, accurately, and confidently. 

    You’ll then use these strategies as you learn about three key skill sets on the test: Geometry, Data, and Ratios and Proportions. You’ll learn not just the math you need to know for these questions but also the methods for answering them quickly and correctly.

    Session 5 – Algebra, equations to polynomials.

    Learn about the grammar and English usage concepts tested in the Writing and Language section, along with how to pace yourself and work through the passages.

    This class will cover all the grammar topics and skills in the Writing section, including Agreement, Conventional Expression, Modifiers, Parallel Structure, Possessives, Pronouns, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Verb Tense, and Concision.

    Session 6 – Key strategies for grammar, statistics and Test Day.

    This session is split into three parts. First, you’ll review more rhetoric and grammar topics tested in the Reading section. We’ll teach you to spot and answer questions on topics such as Transitions, Precision, and Modifiers. Second, you’ll review PrepScholar’s top five math strategies and spend a little more time on Data and Ratios and Proportions.

    Finally, you’ll learn strategies for the week before the test and test day itself. You’ll learn how to continue practicing before the test, and how to stay focused, manage anxiety, and pace yourself on test day.

    Guaranteed from Start To Finish

    We Raise Your Score, Guaranteed

    160+ Score Improvement or it’s free

    We’ve tutored over a thousand students, and we know our methods work. If you don’t see that increase, we’ll completely refund your Automated Prep program and allow you to attend all the live classes again, absolutely free. See full terms and conditions.

    Try it Risk-Free

    First-Class Guarantee

    We’re so confident in our instructors and prep program that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Try the first live class and up to 10 hours of our online program and see if our prep is right for you. If you’re not satisfied, let us know and we’ll give you a full, 100% refund of your prep package.

    Average English Improvement


    Average Math Improvement


    Average Composite Improvement


    Also Included: Our adaptive Complete SAT Online Prep program

    When you sign up for Instructor Led Classes, you’ll receive full access to the PrepScholar adaptive SAT Test Prep program. It’s individualized just for you and offers thousands of questions, lessons, videos, strategies, practice tests, and progress tracking.

    Step-by-Step Guided Prep

    We’ll give you an easy-to-follow study plan that spells out specific lessons, practice tests, and review materials you should work on between tutoring sessions. 

    Videos to Clarify Hard Concepts

    Interactive lessons include short videos that break down tough content and teach you helpful strategies. See a sample video.

    Create Your Own Quizzes

    Custom quizzes allow you to drill into topics and deepen understanding through detailed explanations.

    Progress Dashboard and Reports

    Your personalized progress dashboard gives you a birds-eye-view of your progression in all 49 SAT skills and a weekly progress report is sent to your inbox.

    Learn more about the Complete SAT Online Prep Course ›

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