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Our proven test prep methods have worked for thousands; that’s why we guarantee you will see an increase of at least 160 points on your Digital SAT. If you don’t, we’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple. See full terms and conditions.

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Digital SAT Prep Options That Fit Your Needs

Most Popular

Complete Online
SAT Prep

This self-paced adaptive program offers more than 90 skill lessons and 4100+ realistic practice questions with thorough explanations. It covers all test sections, but the program will keep you focused on areas where you need the most help. We include 4 official SATs to test your skills. We recommend at least ±40 hours of study before your test. 12-month access.

  • 160-Point Guarantee
  • Customized Weekly Prep Plan
  • 150+ Hours of Online Prep Content


Complete Online SAT Prep + Admissions Bootcamp

Everything in the Complete Online SAT Prep package, plus Admissions Bootcamp lessons that take you through every step of the admissions process from curating your college list, making your application stand out, how to write the perfect essay, how and when to submit your applications, and even financial aid.

  • 160-Point Guarantee
  • Customized Weekly Prep Plan
  • 150+ Hours of Online Prep Content

Best Value

Instructor Led Classes + Complete Online SAT Prep

Everything in the Complete Online SAT Prep package, plus expert-led classes in our innovative online classroom. Learn with others and get your questions answered in real-time.

  • 160-Point Guarantee
  • Small Interactive Classes with a Live Instructor
  • Customized Weekly Prep Plan
  • 150+ Hours of Online Prep Content
  • Admissions Bootcamp Included


1-on-1 Online Tutoring + Complete Online SAT Prep

Everything in the Complete Online SAT Prep package, plus 4, 12, 20, or 54 hours of 1-on-1 Tutoring with a Premium Tutor. Choose the tutoring hour package that fits your needs.

  • 160-Point Guarantee
  • 1-on-1 Tutoring with a 99th Percentile Tutor
  • Customized Weekly Prep Plan
  • 150+ Hours of Online Prep Content
  • Admissions Bootcamp Included


Real Results

We calculate these metrics using self-reported, official before and after scores from students enrolled in our SAT prep. The statistics on this page are from students who took an “after” exam in 2023.

Average Composite Score Improvement


  • The Top 25% of our students improved 370 points or more
  • Higher score improvements than other programs

Average English Improvement


Average Math Improvement


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    We’ve got you covered on the Digital SAT!

    PrepScholar has been providing online, adaptive SAT prep for over 10 years. Now, with the Digital SAT pivoting to a computerized testing model,
    we’re uniquely positioned to offer you the best Digital SAT preparation available in the industry.

    Emulated Digital SAT Experience

    Our new interface is designed to mirror the College Board’s Bluebook™ app, ensuring the most realistic preparation for the Digital SAT. Just like in the Bluebook™ app, you can:

    • Highlight and annotate questions
    • Cross out likely-incorrect answer choices
    • Flag questions for later review
    • Utilize the on-screen calculator
    • Access the reference sheet of commonly used math formulas 

    New Content, Designed For a New Test

    The Digital SAT isn’t just a shift from pencil-and-paper to a computer-based test; it’s also a significant transformation in content and question format. That is why, unlike other test prep providers, we’ve spent thousands of hours developing new content tailored to this new test. Our Digital SAT Prep offers:

    • 4000+ brand-new practice questions tailored to match the Digital SAT content and format, expertly designed to mirror tricky question and answer patterns.
    • 20+ hours of new dynamic skill lessons with premium explainer videos that cover essential concepts and new test-taking strategies.
    • Strategy-focused lessons to help users navigate both the Digital SAT and the increasingly-competitive world of college admissions and financial aid.

    Features for Success

    Personalized Study Program

    A smart diagnostic test identifies your skill level and builds a custom prep program that caters to your strengths and weaknesses. Your weekly study plan continually updates to keep you focused on what will help you progress quickly and confidently.

    Extensive SAT Content

    Realistic and high-quality practice questions with detailed explanations guarantee that you’ll be fully prepared for the test. Our interactive lessons include explainer videos that break down the most difficult concepts and teach you the strategies you need to know.

    Track Progress Meticulously

    Detailed progress report emails and SMS study reminders give you real-time updates on what you’ve accomplished and where you need to focus to improve, so you don’t waste valuable time building your skills to boost your score.

    How PrepScholar Works

    Take a Smart Diagnostic Test

    60-Question test pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses across 45 SAT skills.

    1.5± Hours

    Follow Your Customized Weekly Study Plan

    Receive your results and a personalized, fully-guided study plan to chart out your lessons.

    40± Total Study Hours

    Learn with Interactive Lessons

    We broke down the SAT into 45 fine-grained skills so you can tackle each section of the test carefully.

    1. Explanation

    Review the topic and strategies with a mix of videos, diagrams, and interactive examples

    2. Targeted Practice Quiz

    Test your skill and knowledge with 10 to 20 realistic practice questions

    3. Review your Mistakes

    Learn from your mistakes with our thorough, step-by-step explanations

    Expert Videos Break Down Key Concepts & Strategies

    Our Digital SAT prep lessons have videos to clarify concepts you need to ace the SAT. Our videos carefully explain the hardest concepts and teach you the test-taking strategies you need to know for every type of SAT question. Videos are just one part of our sophisticated program to prepare you the best way possible.

    Analyze Your Practice Test Results, Learn From Your Mistakes

    Put your skills to work on up to 4 official Digital SAT practice tests via the College Board’s Bluebook™ app.

    While the College Board does not provide insights on Digital SAT practice test results, PrepScholar allows you to seamlessly import your results directly into your Complete Prep program. Our program’s algorithm performs a comprehensive analysis, providing a detailed breakdown of your proficiency across the Digital SAT’s 45 essential skills or areas.

    Leverage this personalized insight to pinpoint your weaknesses and fine-tune them using PrepScholar’s Quiz Generator and Incorrect Answers tools.

    Hour-by-Hour Breakdown

    Create your account through a simple form. Start your free trial by submitting your payment information. Then, answer a survey so we know how to prep you best, with questions like your target score and preferred style of studying.

    Right after signing up, you can get started in the same hour!

    Take a 60-question diagnostic, and our CustomPrep technology will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses across every skill the SAT tests. Our algorithms are developed by Harvard PhDs and use data from thousands of students so that your diagnostic is as accurate as possible.

    In the next block, you take 8 lessons. All lessons are online and require about 60 minutes each. Each lesson has 3 parts. First is a 20-minute teaching portion, containing text and video teaching you core concepts and SAT strategies. For example, for Writing: Number Agreement, you’ll learn the subject-verb agreement grammar rule, all the ways it appears on the SAT, and strategies to solve these questions.

    Part 2 of the lesson is a focused practice quiz. You’re given 20 minutes to finish 20 realistic SAT problems. These problems focus on what you just learned, giving you an immediate chance to put your skills into practice. Part 3 of the lesson is spent reviewing your mistakes. By reading a detailed answer explanation for every question, you’ll reflect on the question and avoid mistakes in the future.

    Your study plan adapts to your progress on each lesson. If you aced the lesson, we’ll advance you to the next level. If you need more work, we’ll reschedule the lesson to give you another shot. With this training method, you’ll make the fastest progress.

    Next, you put your new skills to work on a full-length official SAT. We provide every customer with the Official SAT Study Guide, containing real practice tests from the College Board. We believe taking the practice test under realistic conditions is critical to improving your score.

    The test takes 3 hours. You finish the test on paper and enter your answers online. We immediately grade your test and display your score. You can also upload an essay for a PrepScholar instructor to grade and give you custom feedback on how to improve.

    From this point forward, you continue to follow your customized study plan. You develop your skills through lessons, and you take practice tests to bring your skills together. You also learn strategies from specialized Strategy Lessons.

    Your program evolves as you improve – you always work at the edge of your ability, challenged to get better and improve your score. Throughout this process, you become completely prepared for the SAT.

    After PrepScholar, you’re completely ready to take on the SAT. You stride confidently into the test center, knowing that you’re thoroughly prepared. Each question you see on the test looks like one of the many you’ve already drilled on.

    We’re so confident you did well, we have the industry’s leading score improvement guarantee: improve your score by 160 points, or get your money back.

    Save Time and Get Started Right Away!

    No Wait Period

    Start studying immediately. No need to wait for class to start.

    Access Anytime

    Study when it’s most convenient for you with 24/7 online access.

    Learn on the Go

    With online access, you’re not bound by a class schedule or location. Study from home or on the go.

    Add ACT Prep to your SAT Prep package and get the ACT for 50% off.

    Extend your SAT Prep to two years for an additional $180.

    More For Your Money Than Any Other SAT Prep Program

    Comparison chart based on the online, self-paced program of each company

    Demo Image
    Adaptive / Personalized Prep
    Point Improvement Guarantee
    Total Practice Questions
    Video Lessons
    Progress Tracking
    Test-Taking Strategy Lessons
    Practice Test Score Analysis 
    Custom Quiz Generator
    Accountability Tools & SMS Reminders
    1-1 Tutoring Available
    Yes, 99th Percentile Tutors Only 

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