When (and How) to Guess on the GMAT: 4 Key Tips


Most test-takers preparing for the GMAT spend countless hours studying different content areas so that they’ll be ready to proficiently and confidently answer every question they encounter on test day. But even the most prepared test-takers sometimes find themselves having to guess on different GMAT questions.

If you’re worried about when (or how) to guess on GMAT test day, this is the guide for you. I’ll explain how implementing a strong guessing strategy can help you earn points and save time, walk you through the situations where you may need to guess on the GMAT, and give you the best tips for deciding whether to guess or skip a question altogether.

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8 Key Strategies for Getting a Perfect GMAT Score


If you’re planning to take the GMAT, you’re probably wondering how to get the highest score possible. Maybe even a perfect one? Is that even possible, and how many students get there every year? In this article, I’ll go over what a perfect score on the GMAT entails, how important it really is in terms of MBA admissions, how to ace the GMAT (or get very close), and the top tips to getting as close as you can to a perfect GMAT score. Continue reading “8 Key Strategies for Getting a Perfect GMAT Score”

25 Top GMAT Tips and Strategies: From Prep to Test Day


Whether you’re just getting ready to start your GMAT prep or you’re quickly creeping up on test day, there are many ways that you can make your GMAT prep and test experience go more smoothly. In this guide, I’ll take you through the top 25 GMAT tips and strategies that will help you achieve your goal score.

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The Best GMAT Study Guide: Format, Tips, and Practice

pexels-photo-203237If you’ve decided to go to business school, you’re probably started to think about studying for the GMAT. Preparing for the GMAT can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What should you buy? What should your study plan look like?

In this GMAT study guide, I’ll walk you through the GMAT study process from start to finish. First, I’ll talk about why studying for the GMAT is worth the time and effort. Next, I’ll talk about the GMAT itself – the format of the test and what it covers. Then, I’ll give a brief overview of each of the sections of test, discussing the content and format of each.

After that, I’ll move into talking about how to set a goal score, create your GMAT study plan, and stick to it. Finally, I’ll talk about the practice itself. I’ll tell you where to find study materials and give you some tried and true study strategies for both the test as a whole and each individual section.

By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of where to start to study for the GMAT.

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GMAT Math Tricks: The 9 Best Tips and Shortcuts

feature_surveytakerAs you may already know, the math required for the GMAT Quant section is actually fairly basic: nothing beyond early high school-level math is tested. What’s challenging is how quickly you’ll need to be able to execute calculations to finish within the 62 minutes allotted for the 31 questions and the reasoning and analysis required to get to the right answer. In other words, the GMAT Quant section, like all other sections of the test, is more a test of how you think than what you know.

Luckily, this means that there are several GMAT math tricks, tips, and shortcuts that you can use to improve your performance. In this post, we’ll give you all the major GMAT quant tricks, including tips and shortcuts for each of the two question types as well as some that apply to both. With these GMAT math tricks in your arsenal—plus the boatloads of studying you’re surely doing—you’ll be well prepared to nail the Quant section on test day.
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How to Make a GMAT Study Plan: 4 Sample Schedules


If you’ve reached this guide, you’re probably getting ready to commit to a study plan for the GMAT. If so, congratulations! Committing to a study plan for the GMAT is an important endeavor and can often require a significant investment of time, mental energy, and money. For many people just starting out, creating a GMAT study plan can also seem confusing or overwhelming.

In this guide, I’ll help ease your confusion by explaining how to use GMAT study plans to structure your test prep. First, I’ll talk about why creating a study plan is important. Next, I’ll talk about the top factors to consider when you’re creating your GMAT study schedule. Then, I’ll give four sample plans that are designed to fit different amounts of score improvement and lengths of time. Finally, I’ll talk about how you can create your own study plan if you’d rather create your own schedule.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have everything you need to craft a solid GMAT study plan.

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7 Expert GMAT Data Sufficiency Tips + Examples


Let’s start with the obvious: the data sufficiency questions on the GMAT are really weird. They look nothing like any question you’ve seen in math class. For one thing, every single data sufficiency question has the same five answers. For another, data sufficiency questions aren’t just testing your math skills. They’re also testing your ability to analyze a set of data and decide what information you need to answer the question.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the GMAT data sufficiency section, give you several strategies for solving GMAT data sufficiency questions, and offer tips for preparing for these unique questions. I’ll also take you through solving several retired sample GMAT data sufficiency questions.

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13 Most Common GMAT Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Everybody’s afraid of making mistakes on the GMAT, and it’s hard to know sometimes exactly where you’re getting tripped up in your prep or on the exam. But you can be a step ahead of the game if you avoid the most common traps for test-takers.

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4 Key Rules for GMAT Probability Questions

Does it seem like you're rolling the dice every time you answer a probability question? Read on for some simple tips that will help you feel more confident.

If Hayley studies for five hours a day for 30 days leading up to the GMAT, what’s the probability that she’ll meet her goal GMAT score?

While you won’t see a question exactly like that on the GMAT, you’ll encounter a number of probability questions on the quantitative section of the GMAT. Many GMAT test-takers are intimidated by probability questions, but if that’s you, don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to conquer probability on the GMAT.

First, I’ll walk you through the four essential GMAT probability rules you’ll need to answer every probability question. Then, I’ll offer several other tips for acing probability questions. Next, I’ll walk you through four sample GMAT probability questions with explanations. Finally, I’ll give you some tips on practicing for probability questions. What’s the probability that you’ll ace  probability GMAT questions after reading this guide? Pretty high, I’d say.

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How to Pass the GMAT: 6 Expert Tips


The GMAT is a confusing test — not only is the material itself difficult, the scoring doesn’t resemble anything you’ve see in school. What counts as a passing the GMAT? How can you do it? In this article, I’ll define a  GMAT passing score and offer tips on how pass the GMAT and reach your goals. Continue reading “How to Pass the GMAT: 6 Expert Tips”