TOEFL Score Percentiles: What Do They Mean for You?


After you take the TOEFL, you can use your score to figure out your TOEFL score percentile, which shows how your TOEFL scores compare with those of other test takers. But how important is your TOEFL percentile to schools? And how do TOEFL percentiles change based on different groups of test takers?

We’ll answer these questions and more in this guide by looking at TOEFL percentile charts for various groups of test takers. After we go over the charts, we’ll discuss the importance of your TOEFL iBT percentile to schools and explain how knowing your percentile can benefit you.

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TOEFL Total Score: Do You Need a Maximum Score?


After taking the TOEFL, you’ll get four section scores and one total score on your TOEFL score report. But what exactly is the TOEFL total score? What kind of scoring scale does it use and how important is it to schools?

In this article, we’ll explain the total TOEFL score and discuss whether it’s possible to attain the maximum TOEFL score. After, we’ll go over the importance of your total score and give you step-by-step instructions on how to set a TOEFL total score goal.

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TOEFL Score Calculator: How to Estimate Your TOEFL iBT Score


Taking the TOEFL is hard enough, so you shouldn’t have to spend extra time worrying about how your exam will be scored or how to score your practice exams. Our TOEFL score calculator will help you understand how your score is determined by explaining how the TOEFL is scored, what raw and scaled TOEFL scores are, and how to calculate your own scores for each section of the TOEFL. Then, you can use this knowledge to hone in on exactly how to reach your TOEFL score goals.

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TOEFL Score Validity: How Long Are TOEFL Scores Good For?


Do TOEFL scores expire? Ho long are TOEFL scores are valid? Read this guide for the answers to those questions as well as everything you need to know about TOEFL iBT score validity. In this guide, we’ll go over how long TOEFL scores are valid for, what happens after they expire, if you can still use expired scores, and how this affects your planning when applying to schools.

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How Often Can You Take the TOEFL? Should You Retake?


Not happy with your TOEFL score but not sure if you can or should take the exam again? Fortunately, retaking the TOEFL is an option! 

In this guide, we’ll go over the formal TOEFL retest policy, how to retake the TOEFL, how often you can take the TOEFL, what schools really think of retakes, how to decide if a TOEFL retake is right for you, and how to make sure you score higher on your retake. Let’s get started!

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TOEFL Requirements for Colleges: What Score Do You Need?


Many colleges and universities in the US have stopped requiring SAT and ACT scores. But what about the TOEFL? Are there still TOEFL requirements for universities? The answer is yes—many US schools require international applicants to submit TOEFL scores. But the exact TOEFL score you’ll need for admission ultimately depends on where you’re applying.

In this article, we explain what good TOEFL scores for colleges are and give you a list of 64 popular US schools and their minimum TOEFL score requirements. We also teach you how to find minimum TOEFL scores for US universities and how to set a TOEFL goal score.

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GRE and TOEFL: What’s the Difference? Should You Take Both?


Are you trying to figure out which standardized tests you need to take? Not sure if you need to take the GRE or TOEFL? Do you need to take both? What’s on these tests anyway?

The GRE and TOEFL are both exams many people applying to graduate school need to take, but their roles in the admission process are . In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of both tests, explain how they compare to each other, and help you figure out which exam (or exams) you need to take.

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TOEFL Score Report: What’s on It and How to Send It


Once you’ve taken the TOEFL, your next task is to try to make sense of your TOEFL score report. What kind of information will appear on your TOEFL report? How does TOEFL score reporting for schools work?

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything there is to know about the TOEFL score report, including how to access your TOEFL report, what’s included on it, and how to send copies of it to schools.

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TOEFL to IELTS Score Conversion: 5 Easy-to-Use Charts


If your dream is to attend college or graduate school in an English-speaking country, you’ll likely need to submit scores from either the TOEFL or IELTS. But how do TOEFL and IELTS scores compare with each other? Are TOEFL to IELTS score conversions actually possible? And if so, what can these score conversions tell us about the TOEFL and IELTS?

In this article, we’ll discuss how the TOEFL and IELTS scoring systems differ and then provide you with the most accurate TOEFL IELTS conversion tables currently available. Finally, we’ll explain how you can use this information on IELTS vs TOEFL scores to help you decide which test you should take.

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Is the TOEFL Hard? 7 Difficult Features of the Exam


If English isn’t your first language and you want to attend an English-speaking university or grad program, you’ll probably need to submit TOEFL scores. If that’s the case, you might have a lot of questions: Is the TOEFL hard? Should you study? What should you be most prepared for?

We’re here to explain exactly how hard the TOEFL is, which parts of the exam you need to look out for, and (good news!) why the test may not be so difficult for you after all! We end the guide with tips and practice materials to help you be your most prepared and confident self on test day.

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