With PrepScholar’s TOEFL Prep, you’ll get a 15+ point improvement guarantee. PrepScholar’s adaptive online program is scientifically designed to understand your strengths and weaknesses and customize to your exact abilities, so you’ll make more progress in less time than with any other program.

1-Year Access

  • Adaptive diagnostic exam
  • 150+ Hours of Interactive Lessons and Videos
  • 1,000+ TOEFL Questions Across all TOEFL skills
  • 1-on-1 Speaking and Writing Review
  • Vocabulary Lessons 
  • TOEFL strategy and grad school admissions guide

Features Guaranteed to Improve Your Score

Diagnostic Assessment

Our 30-question smart diagnostic determines your skill level for all TOEFL skills.

Customized Curriculum

The algorithm then builds a custom curriculum and study program with 40 hours of interactive lessons that caters to your difficulty level.

Progress Tracking Tools

Weekly reports, progress trackers, and customized feedback keep you informed of your individual progress and next steps.

How PrepScholar Works

Start with a Diagnostic Test

30-Question smart diagnostic test pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses across TOEFL skills.

1.5± Hours

Improve with a Customized Weekly Study Plan

Once you receive your results, you’ll get a personalized plan to guide your study each week.

40± Total Study Hours

Learn with Interactive Lessons

We broke down the TOEFL skills so you can tackle each section of the test carefully.

1. Explanation

Review every topic and strategy with a mix of videos, interactive examples, and vocabulary flashcards.

2. Targeted Practice Quiz

Test your skills and knowledge with over 1,000+ TOEFL Questions Across all TOEFL skills

3. Review your Mistakes

Learn from your mistakes with our thorough and easy to understand explanations.

Practice the Four Sections of TOEFL


Practice this test section by recording yourself responding to 8 realistic Speaking Prompts. Submit them and get thorough feedback and a grade from a real-life tutor.


Put your writing skills to practice by typing in your response to 4 realistic Writing Prompts. Submit them and get thorough feedback and a grade from a real-life tutor.


Turn up the volume and get ready. Practice the listening section by listening to our realistic practice audios and answering the hundreds of practice questions we offer.


Practice this essential TOEFL skill with hundreds of reading practice questions and passages like the ones you’ll encounter on the test.

The Real Score Guarantee

We’re so confident that your score will increase we’re putting our money where our mouth is!

Didn’t get a 15-point increase on your TOEFL? We’ll refund 100% of your payment. See full terms and conditions.


Upgrade to Unlimited Lifetime Access!

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