GMAT Format: What to Expect On The Test

The GMAT format can seem like a puzzle. We're here to break it down for you.

Do you want to know what’s on the GMAT? Do you have a general idea of the sections, but want to get a better idea of what to expect on test day? Are you confused about this whole ‘adaptive testing’ thing?

In this article, I’ll go over the GMAT structure and timing, the fundamentals of CAT (computerized adaptive testing),  and a breakdown of the question types in each section of the test. Finally, I’ll discuss what the GMAT format means for you and offer tips on how to prepare for exam day. Continue reading “GMAT Format: What to Expect On The Test”

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Average GMAT Scores by School: How Do You Compare?


What is the average GMAT score at top business schools? What does the average GMAT score at your prospective business school mean for you?

In this article, I’ll go over the 50 highest average GMAT scores at MBA programs, how to find the average GMAT score by school, and what those average scores mean for your MBA admissions. Continue reading “Average GMAT Scores by School: How Do You Compare?”

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GMAT Total Score: What Is It? What Does It Mean?

test taking

When you get your official GMAT score report back, you’ll see a number of different scores. In addition to your verbal, quantitative, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning scores, you will find a box for your total score.

What is the GMAT total score? What does it mean? Why does it matter? In this guide, I’ll explain what the GMAT total score is and how it’s calculated, as well as give information about how schools use the total score and what a good GMAT total score is.

Continue reading “GMAT Total Score: What Is It? What Does It Mean?”

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How to Find Hidden Errors in GMAT Sentence Correction [Video]

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 11.47.21 AM copy

GMAT Sentence Correction questions involve sentences that are long, heavily punctuated, and very confusing. Test makers create these convoluted sentences on purpose to make it harder for students to find and identify sentence errors.

In this video, we’ll go over the number one trick for Sentence Correction GMAT questions that will help you catch these hidden grammar errors in sentence structure, agreement, tense, parallelism, idioms, and more.

First, we’ll learn that the trick to cracking these difficult GMAT Sentence Correction questions is to simplify the sentence by cutting extra, descriptive information out of the sentence. Then, I’ll explain the two steps to cutting out extra information:

  1. getting rid of pieces of the sentence that are set off by commas.
  2. getting rid of adjective and adverb phrases.

To illustrate these two steps, we’ll walk through how to apply them in context of a real, 700-level GMAT Sentence Correction question taken from the GMATPrep Software released by GMAC. Finally, we’ll use our new, simplified sentence to identify critical grammar errors and solve the problem.

Watch the video to learn more!



To stay updated on our latest GMAT videos, you can subscribe to our new PrepScholar GMAT YouTube channel — we’ll have three new free videos every month.

Happy GMAT Sentence Correction studies!

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How to Prepare for the GMAT: 23 Expert Study Tips


No one ever said the GMAT was easy. In fact, it’s considered so tricky (and so important) that most would-be MBAs spend two to three months preparing for it. The majority of students spend over 50 hours studying, and the highest scorers average 121 hours of study time! What exactly are they doing all this time to get ready?

This guide will walk you through exactly how to prepare for the GMAT, with 23 essential steps that will take you from registering for the exam to drilling practice questions to sitting down at the computer on test day. Continue reading “How to Prepare for the GMAT: 23 Expert Study Tips”

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GMAT Calculator: What Is It? When Can You Use It?


Can you use a calculator on the GMAT? Yes, but probably not as much as you’d like.

In this article, I’ll ago over which sections of the GMAT have an onscreen calculator, the functions of the GMAT calculator, and how to use it most effectively on test day. Continue reading “GMAT Calculator: What Is It? When Can You Use It?”

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Learn the 9 Most Important Tips for a 700+ GMAT Score [Video]


A lot of GMAT test takers aim for a 700+ GMAT score. A good GMAT score can open doors to top schools, yield standout applications, and provide opportunities for merit scholarships.

However, according to data from the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the makers of the GMAT, only 12% of GMAT test takers score a 700 or above. So how can you get a high GMAT score?

In our first ever PrepScholar GMAT video, we walk through the top nine tips for how to get a 700+ on the GMAT. We’ll cover both general GMAT strategy and more specific GMAT tips and tricks for a 700+ GMAT score. For instance, Tip #6 explains

  1. why some test takers score worse on their exam than on their practice tests
  2. how you can avoid doing the same by preparing for test day, not just test content. 

We’ll also go into detail about the best way to study for GMAT concepts and the best way to prepare for GMAT-specific features. Additionally, I’ll explain what makes the best GMAT study materials for a 700+ GMAT score. Watch the video to learn more!



We’ll be making three new videos each month to help you prepare for the GMAT. Like the blog, the videos are FREE and intended to help supplement your GMAT prep. You can subscribe to our new PrepScholar GMAT YouTube channel to stay updated on our latest video resources! We’ll also post here on the blog for each new video.

Happy studies, and good luck cracking 700!

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How Long to Study for the GMAT: 6-Step Guide


If you’re getting ready to apply to business school, you’re probably asking yourself: “How long should I study for the GMAT?” Can I prepare in a month? What about two? Should I just go ahead and block off six months for intense studying?

The answer to this question depends a lot on the student. Some people take the GMAT with little-to-no preparation, while others spend months preparing. It’s important to make a plan that works best for you and your goals. That way, you can maximize your score, while making sure that your study plan fits your schedule and needs, so you don’t waste time over-studying.

This guide will help you figure out how long to study for the GMAT based on what kind of score increase you’re hoping to make. From there, I’ll explain how many hours you need to study, when you should start to study, and how to create a study plan.

Continue reading “How Long to Study for the GMAT: 6-Step Guide”

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GMAT Integrated Reasoning: 9 Tips for a Top Score

what is integrated reasoning

Introduced in June of 2012, Integrated Reasoning is the newest section of the GMAT. The test makers added this challenging section to emphasize skills of data interpretation on their business school exam.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about the Integrated Reasoning GMAT section, including its purpose, question types, and how you can prepare for it. To start, let’s go over a basic overview of GMAT IR. Continue reading “GMAT Integrated Reasoning: 9 Tips for a Top Score”

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How Does GMAT Scoring Work?


If we had to define our relationship with GMAT scoring on Facebook, we’d have to go with “It’s complicated.” Everyone’s test looks a little different, and the GMAT uses adaptive testing and equating to assign comparable scores across various versions of the test. So how is the GMAT scored, exactly?

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about GMAT scoring. To start, let’s go over the score ranges for section and total scores. Continue reading “How Does GMAT Scoring Work?”

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