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‚ě° Pro Tips on Using the GRE Vocab Course

ūüí°¬†One lesson at a time.

  • Memorize¬†all the words¬†within a lesson before starting the lesson’s quiz.
  • Use “Star” to mark words you don’t know¬†so you can review them again.
  • Use “Check Answers” on quizzes to see which words you still need to know.
  • Only move to the next lesson¬†after you’ve scored an 80% or above.
  • Start with Lesson 1, followed by Quiz 1, then Lesson 2, then Quiz 2, and so on.

ūüí° Do not try to cram.¬†

  • Aim to study one lesson/quiz per day.
  • The full course is designed to take 20 days to complete.

ūüí°¬†Prioritize mastery over completion.

  • If you are less than¬†20 days out from test day, commit to doing your best studying on the units you¬†are able to get to, starting with lesson 1 (WILL APPEAR).
  • Fully memorizing¬†only the words in Unit 1 is a more effective use of your time than kind of memorizing the words in all three units.

‚ě°¬†Ready to start studying?

  • New students, click on Lesson 1 to get started.
  • Return students, click on the Lesson or Quiz where you left off to continue.

‚ě° Unit 1: Words that WILL Appear on the GRE

Lesson 1 (Adj.) Quiz 1 (Adj.)
Lesson 2 (Noun) Quiz 2 (Noun)
Lesson 3 (Verb) Quiz 3 (Verb)
Lesson 4 (Adj.) Quiz 4 (Adj.) 
Lesson 5 (Verb) Quiz 5 (Verb)
Lesson 6 (Adj.) Quiz 6 (Adj.)
Lesson 7 (Noun) Quiz 7 (Noun)

‚ě° Unit 2: Words LIKELY¬†to Appear on the GRE

Lesson 8 (Verb) Quiz 8 (Verb)
Lesson 9 (Noun) Quiz 9 (Noun)
Lesson 10 (Adj.) Quiz 10 (Adj.)
Lesson 11 (Verb) Quiz 11 (Verb)
Lesson 12 (Adj.) Quiz 12 (Adj.)
Lesson 13 (Adj.) Quiz 13 (Adj.)
Lesson 14 (Noun) Quiz 14 (Noun)

‚ě° Unit 3: Words that MAY Appear on the GRE

Lesson 15 (Adj.) Quiz 15 (Adj.)
Lesson 16 (Verb) Quiz 16 (Verb)
Lesson 17 (Adj.) Quiz 17 (Adj.)
Lesson 18 (Adj.) Quiz 18 (Adj.)
Lesson 19 (Adj.) Quiz 19 (Adj.)
Lesson 20 (Verb) Quiz 20 (Verb)

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