Enhance Your Study With Free GRE PowerPrep Explanations


If you’re taking the GRE, you’ve likely heard of GRE PowerPrep. But what exactly is it? Why does everyone use these programs? And why aren’t they perfect study tools on their own?

In this article, I’ll explain the following:

  1. What the GRE PowerPrep tools are.
  2. Why you should be using them.
  3. What PowerPrep is missing.
  4. How you can use our free detailed question explanations to enhance your GRE PowerPrep study.

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The Ultimate GRE Vocabulary Course


You know GRE vocabulary is challenging. But just why are GRE vocabulary questions difficult? How can you master GRE words and more importantly, ace the verbal section of the GRE?

My name is Erika, and I lead our GRE Prep Program. I got a perfect score (V170) on GRE Verbal, and I’m here to teach you to apply the same tactics I used to get a great GRE score. In this guide, I’ll cover…

  1. Why vocabulary is critical to a great verbal score (and how to improve yours)
  2. The 3 challenges to acing vocab questions (and how our GRE vocabulary course overcomes them)
  3. How to access our GRE vocabulary course (for FREE!)

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