The 8 Best Free GRE Practice Tests

Practice tests are one of the most important tools to use for GRE prep, but, unfortunately, many of the practice GREs available online aren’t high quality. When you study with a low-quality GRE practice test, you can actually end up lowering your GRE skills by studying topics you don’t need to be and neglecting the actual skills you should be studying.

Fortunately, in this guide we’ve collected all the best free GRE practice tests for you to use. In addition to explaining the pros and cons of each practice test, we also explain what makes a great GRE practice test and give tips on how to use practice tests when studying for the GRE.

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The Best GRE Score Predictor

What do the cards say about your GRE score? Before you begin studying for the GRE, you want to have a good idea of how well you know the material on the test. The best way to do this is to use a GRE score predictor. A score predictor will help you know how far you are from your goal score, how much you need to study, and which topics you should focus your GRE studying on.

Having a GRE score estimator is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your studying, and in this guide we explain the best way to predict your GRE score, which methods should be avoided, and how you can get the most out of this score estimate to get the GRE score you’re aiming for.

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The 17 Best GRE Study Tips to Help You Prep

Are you looking for tips for studying for the GRE? We’ve got them! Most people won’t reach their GRE goal score without preparation, and it’s important to know how to get the most out of your GRE studying so you use your time wisely and get your best score possible. In this guide, we go over 17 study tips for the GRE, including tips for the entire exam and more specific tips for each section of the GRE.

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Enhance Your Study With Free GRE PowerPrep Explanations


If you’re taking the GRE, you’ve likely heard of GRE PowerPrep. But what exactly is it? Why does everyone use these programs? And why aren’t they perfect study tools on their own?

In this article, I’ll explain the following:

  1. What the GRE PowerPrep tools are.
  2. Why you should be using them.
  3. What PowerPrep is missing.
  4. How you can use our free detailed question explanations to enhance your GRE PowerPrep study.

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How to Pass the GRE and Get the Score You Need


As with all exams, GRE takers want to know how to do well on it — essentially, how to pass the GRE. But the truth is, you can’t pass or fail the GRE. Really! There’s no GRE pass rate like there is for the Bar Exam. Instead, you can send schools any GRE scores you want, regardless of how high or low they are. So, then, what do we mean by the phrase “pass the GRE”? To us, passing the GRE means getting the scores you need to get into the programs you wish to attend.

In this guide, we’ll start by taking a look at the variety of ways test takers can “pass” or “fail” the GRE. Then, we’ll show you how to pass the GRE exam and reach your goal score. Finally, we’ll give you detailed advice on what you can do if your goal scores are out of reach.

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20 GRE Tips and Tricks You Need to Know for Test Day


Looking for some GRE tips and tricks to help you get the highest score possible? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll help you figure out what GRE tricks can actually do for you in terms of score improvement. Then we’ll offer 20 great GRE test tips and tricks that you can use to do your best on test day.

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Best Free GRE Prep: 15 Practice Tests, Quizzes, and Apps


Saving money now is a big priority for many people taking the GRE, but prep books, tutors, and courses can all add up pretty quickly. Happily, free GRE prep is an excellent alternative: it can be just as helpful and effective as GRE prep you pay for — you just have to know what to use and where to look for it!

In this article, we’ll cover the advantages of using free GRE test prep resources and introduce our top picks for the best free GRE prep available today. Finally, we’ll conclude with a few useful tips on how to save money on both the GRE and your test prep.

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How to Choose the Best GRE Prep Course for You


For many people looking to attend grad school, the GRE is a big deal. This is the test you need to take in order to get into most grad school programs! Your GRE score will be an important part of your application! A GRE prep course can help you meet your score goal, but only if it’s the right prep course. There are tons of courses available, and deciding which is the best GRE prep course for you can be a daunting task.

What makes a prep class great? What should you be looking for when researching classes? Which type of class will be the most helpful for you? In this guide, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of different types of GRE prep classes, the factors to consider when looking at classes, and how to tell if a GRE prep class is high quality.

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The Best Way to Study for GRE Success: 10 Tips


Do you want to know the best way to study for the GRE? In this guide, we’ll fill you in on the foundational principles of good GRE preparation. Then we’ll review some common studying methods to help you figure out the best way to study for GRE high scores. Finally, we’ll close out with some essential tips you can implement with any study plan.

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The 12 Best GRE Quizzes to Practice With


There are many ways to study for the GRE, and taking a GRE quiz can be a fun way to prepare for the exam. There are numerous GRE quizzes out there, but not all of them are high-quality, and not all of them may help you meet your score goals for the exam.

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly which GRE quizzes to take and how to get the most out of them. We explain what to look for in a GRE practice quiz, give our list of the top GRE quizzes (organized by topic), and explain when to use GRE quizzes, so that you can craft a study plan to help you get your best GRE score.

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