MAY Appear | Lesson 15 (Adj.)

vocabularyThis is Lesson 15 of the MAY Appear unit of the GRE Vocabulary Course. These 15 adjectives could easily appear on the GRE exam.

Use the flashcards below to study each word:

    • Click above or below the text on the card to flip between the word and the definition.
    • Click the right and left arrows below the card to move to other words in the deck.
    • Click the “Star” button at the top of the card to mark words that you still need to practice.

The deck below is already set in “Flashcard” mode. We do not recommend using “Choose a Study Mode” unless you have fully mastered the flashcards.

Pro-tip: study how each word is used in the example sentence and practice by creating your own sentence using the word. Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions test students on how words are used in context, so it isn’t enough to know how a word is defined — you also need to know how to apply it in a sentence.


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