What Is Graduate School? Why Go? Master’s and PhDs


If you’re nearing the end of college or you’ve completed college, you’ve probably heard the term “graduate school” thrown around by your peers and teachers. In fact, you’ve probably heard all kinds of graduate-school related terms, like “graduate degree,” “Masters,” “PhD,” and more.

But what is a graduate degree? What is a PhD? What is a doctoral degree? What’s a doctorate? We’ll demystify it all here. (Hint: those last three are all the same thing.)

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All 6 Free Official GRE Practice Tests + How to Use Them


Practice tests are a critical part of your GRE prep program. Taking a full-length exam gives you the most realistic testing experience to prepare you for the big day.

And the very, very best practice tests come directly from the ETS.

In this article, we’ll provide you with downloads of all the official free GRE practice tests there are. We’ll also give you information on how to buy other official full-length GRE practice tests and explain whether or not they overlap with the free materials.

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The Real Answer: When to Take the GRE


There are a lot of GRE test dates every year, which is great for giving you options, but it can make choosing the best test date a challenge. When should you take the GRE? How long does it take for schools to receive your scores? How long will you need to study?

Keep reading to learn the answers to all these questions and more.

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Is the GRE Actually Hard? Expert Analysis of 10 Key Factors


Are you taking the GRE soon and are worried about the difficulty level of the test? Just how hard is the GRE, really?

In this guide, I’ll compare the GRE’s difficulty level to other standardized tests you may have taken to give you an initial sense of how tough it is. I’ll then explain each of the aspects of the GRE that make it challenging, as well as those that make it easier than you may think. Finally, I’ll end with some tips to help you be prepared for the GRE on test day.

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How to Use the ETS GRE Official Guide – Full Review


Are you studying for the GRE and wondering if the ETS’ Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test is a good study resource? Does the fact that the book is official mean it’s the best GRE prep book out there? Or does it just mean it lacks a lot of tips and tricks because ETS doesn’t want to give their secrets away?

We’ll answer all those questions and more! This guide will give an in-depth look at what information the Official Guide to the GRE includes, the pros and cons of the book, who should use it, and how you can get the most out of it.

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Expert Book Review: Manhattan GRE Books


Are you getting ready for the GRE and looking for the best prep books? Many students consider the Manhattan Prep eight-book set the best way to study for the GRE.

But are these the most useful books for you? Does the fact that there are eight books mean they’re full of everything you need to know or does it just mean they have a lot of filler information? Do you need to purchase all eight or will one or two do the job?

This guide will give an in-depth review of the Manhattan GRE book set including pros and cons of using them, how they’re formatted, and who these books are best for.

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GRE vs GMAT: What’s the Difference? Which Should You Take?


It used to be fairly straightforward: if you wanted to go to get an MBA, you would almost certainly have to submit GMAT scores. However, in recent years, many business schools have started to accept the GRE in place of the GMAT.

What are the differences between the GRE and GMAT? Do business schools prefer one over the other? Should you take the GMAT or the GRE?

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll break down both exams and do a thorough comparison of them. I’ll then discuss how schools feel about the GRE vs. GMAT and walk you through the steps you need to take to figure out which exam is best for you.

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What Are GRE Subject Tests? Should I Take One?


Are you thinking about taking a GRE Subject Test? Maybe you’ve heard of them but aren’t sure what they are or if you should take one. GRE Subject Tests are much less well-known than the general GRE, and it can be hard to get information on them.

Read this comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about GRE Subject Tests including which topics they cover, how important they are for grad school, if you should take one, and how to register for a Subject Test.

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How Long to Study for the GRE: Step-by-Step Guide


The GRE can be intimidating: you know you need to study to get a good score, but what does that actually mean? Should you spend two hours or two months prepping? How long should you study for the GRE?

Knowing the correct amount of time to study for the GRE will help you maximize your score and avoid wasting time by over-studying. This guide will walk you through the exact process of figuring out exactly how long to study for the GRE, when you should start preparing, and how to create a study schedule.

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How Long Does It Take to Get GRE Scores?


One of the most stressful parts of taking an important test is waiting for the results. So how long does it take to get GRE scores? You’ll get unofficial scores immediately after completing the test, though you’ll have to wait a bit longer for your official score report.

This guide will explain exactly how long it takes to receive your GRE scores, how long it takes for your score reports to be sent to schools you’re applying to, and how this information affects you. You’ll know when you’ll need to take the test for your scores to be sent in time for school deadlines and how soon you’ll be able to retake the GRE, if you choose to do so.

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