PrepScholar for Groups

Are you a school or institution? PrepScholar is a no-hassle way to prepare your students for the ACT.

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Trusted in Schools

Schools across America depend on PrepScholar to prepare their students for the ACT. Within public city schools and private academies, hundreds of students in schools work with PrepScholar to raise their ACT scores and improve their college admissions results. We work closely with students, teachers, and administrators to understand your needs and deliver what your school and district require.

At Pottstown High School, PrepScholar provides ACT preparation for college-bound students as part of a full-semester course optionally proctored by a teacher. Students are engaging above and beyond the level of any previous software and can see ACT benefits immediately.

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Woodhouse Academy caters to bright students with unique educational challenges. Many students thrive especially in online courses, and we’re helping meet that challenge by training in ACT.

Made for the Classroom

We can convert student performance into letter or pass-fail grades. We have the content to fill an entire semester course. And we can do it on your current technology: all you need is an Internet connection and a modern web browser.

Real-Time Tracking

See how your students are doing in real time and in detail. You can see each student’s lesson progress, lessons taken, and current skill level. No longer will you have to wait weeks to receive sparse reports!

Unique Resources

PrepScholar provides syllabi, grading criteria, and other tools to ensure PrepScholar fits into the classroom structure you envision.

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