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We know the ins and outs of the admissions process. PrepScholar’s expert admissions consultants leverage proven strategies and extensive experience that have served thousands of our students to get into their top choice schools.

Let’s start the conversation. Tell us what you are looking to achieve and the areas in which you need support. We’ll help you understand our packages and recommend a plan.


Our students are 6.1x more likely to get admitted to Top 10 schools compared to the national average.

Every Year, PrepScholar Students Gain Admission To

Complete Admissions Package

12th Grade/Rising Seniors

Maximize your chances at admission into your top choice schools. PrepScholar’s expert advisors will guide you through the entire admissions process to get accepted at the most competitive colleges.

  • Full Support With Up To 7-20 Applications
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Application Narrative Strategy
  • School List Selection
  • Full Essay Coaching – All Essays
  • Timeline Management
  • Interview Prep
  • Scholarship Support

Annual Mentorship Package

9th-11th Graders

The factors that make you stand out during the admissions process develop long before your senior year. We work with you to build your profile and ensure you’re maximizing every opportunity to strengthen your candidacy.

  • 12-Month Profile Building Plan
  • Bi-Monthly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Extracurriculars Management
  • Summer Activity Planning
  • Coursework Selection
  • Major / Career Exploration
  • SAT/ACT Strategy
  • Passion Project Guidance

Essay Coaching and Review

12th Grade/Rising Seniors

Whether you know what you want to write about or you need expert help from the ground up, PrepScholar’s expert advisors will help you craft the perfect essay every step of the way.

  • Essay Coaching on the Essays You Choose
  • Topic Planning and Strategizing
  • Unlimited Rounds of Editing
  • Quick Turnaround

Multiply Your Chances of Getting In

The graph on the right displays the “PrepScholar Advantage Factor”, illustrating the difference in acceptance rates between our students (blue) and the general public (gray) when applying to Ivy League, Top 10, Top 20, and Top 30 US colleges.

With our expert assistance, PrepScholar students are up to 6.1 times more likely to be admitted to these competitive schools compared to non-PrepScholar students.

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The PrepScholar Way

Admissions consulting student

Forget being well-rounded. A spike is what sets you apart from all other applicants. It goes against the spirit of simply being well-rounded. By nature of being unique, you don’t fit in with all of the other well-rounded applicants; you do something that truly stands out in a meaningful way.

A spike can come in a lot of forms depending on your field of interest, but it always requires consistent effort, focus, discipline, and passion to grow. Ideally, this spike is what makes you world class and shows colleges that you’re going to accomplish great things in your lifetime.

No matter what your passions and talents are, we’ll help you explore your interests and build your spike early on. If you’re already a senior, we will help you find your spike and show it.  We spend a lot of time getting to know you from all sides, and we are good at uncovering unique elements and intersections about who you are and what you’ve done to make you stand out.

Gaining admission is only partly about your achievements and numbers. For top colleges, it is also strongly about who you are as a person, what you’ve experienced, how you think about the world, and what your goals are.

The application should tell a cohesive story about you that makes sense. It is meant to be a package. You need to be more than just a lot of activities thrown together. You don’t want to have a collection of short films – you want a single cohesive movie.

For this reason, your essays shouldn’t be just about your accomplishments. They aren’t looking for you to brag about yourself. The most effective essays talk about you as a person and what drives you – often they show vulnerability or weakness. This is counterintuitive for highly achieving students to understand but it’s what admissions committees love to see.

Admissions consulting student

Our approach hinges on fostering a profound connection with each student. We delve into the tapestry of your background, tapping into your unique experiences, passions, and challenges. We unearth the ‘why’ behind your academic pursuits, nurturing your intrinsic motivation.

Through this holistic understanding, we kindle excitement about your academic journey, fueling your motivation to achieve your dreams with determination.

This is why every PrepScholar admissions counseling service starts with our Student Profile Questionnaire, and an optional Parent Questionnaire for select packages. These help us recommend the best counselor from day one and provide our counselors with valuable insights to understand you better right from the beginning.

College admissions success begins with common goals and expectations, and that is why we make sure that students and parents are aligned in their needs and wants. This alignment, often a pivotal factor, ensures a smoother path towards achieving students’ goals. We bridge this gap by fostering open, empathetic communication, enabling students and parents to articulate their desires and concerns.

Our aim is to facilitate understanding, as we believe that when families share common visions, the journey through college admissions becomes less turbulent, fostering a supportive, united front that leads to success.

Are you an international student? Around 30% of our students every year are based outside the US. We have admissions consultants on our team who specialize in working with international students. They are well-versed in the differences and complexities that exist when applying to US colleges as an international student or US citizen living abroad. We’ll get to know you in detail so we can match you with the best consultant according to your profile and needs.

Here are some ways our counselors are prepared to help you as an international student:

  • Familiarity with different academic and grading systems such as IB and A Levels.
  • Thorough understanding of how colleges evaluate international students vs. domestic students.
  • Patience and enthusiasm to help you and your family understand the different steps and elements of the process —regardless of how “obvious” it may be for US-based students.
  • Provide extra support and attention to detail when helping you write your essays, especially if English isn’t your native language. 
  • Well-versed in the financial aid and scholarship opportunities available for non-US citizens.

How do we do it? – Case Studies

Meet Ellie and Pravan, two previous PrepScholar students.
Ellie began working with PrepScholar as a 10th grader while Pravan connected with us in 12th grade when he was applying to colleges. Read their files, how they started when we first met them, what steps we advised to reach their goals, and how they got into Princeton and Dartmouth.

We Hire Only The Best

Leverage Experienced Admissions Consultants

At PrepScholar, you have access to the nation’s best storytellers, profile-builders, and application crafters. By working one-on-one with one of our expert Admissions Consultants, students build their profiles and develop their unique story resulting in a standout application.  

  • Experienced in every stage of the admissions process
  • Demonstrated track record of student acceptances
  • Skilled essay coaches and editors helping every student tell their story
  • Experts in specific majors, programs, and student needs
  • Graduates from Ivies and other top universities 
  • Enthusiastic mentors from all academic backgrounds

Admissions Officer Advisory Panel

PrepScholar students benefit from webinars and Q&A sessions with an Admissions Officer Advisory Panel consisting of former admissions officers from top universities. The Advisory Panelists have worked extensively on “the other side of the desk” at selective institutions and can speak specifically to the way admissions readers interpret and evaluate applications.

This panel works behind the scenes as a second pair of eyes and provide feedback to consultants.

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