AP Test Tutoring

Looking for help with your AP exams? Want personalized one-on-one tutoring with a top scorer?
PrepScholar Tutors is now offering AP tutoring to help you get ahead of the curve and stay there.

No matter which package you pick, you’ll work with an experienced, expert tutor. To see the best results, we recommend a minimum of 4 hours of tutoring per AP subject.

4 Hours

Multi-Question Review

Brush up on your AP subject of choice by reviewing lingering questions with a minimum time commitment.


$90 per hour

8 hours

High-Level Test Review

Work on one or two AP subjects of your choice. Spend time reviewing content and learning test-taking strategies to support your success on the big day.


$85 per hour


16 Hours

Extensive Test Review

Prep for up to three AP subjects of your choice, dive deep into the content matter, test strategies, and get plenty of time to ask all the questions every week.

$80 per hour

32 Hours

Comprehensive Multi-Test Review

Prep for up to four AP subjects of your choice. Tackle tricky subjects head on, get help on your AP homework, and prepare to ace both your test and class with personalized support.


$75 per hour

Get a High Score and College Credit

AP coursework doesn’t only look good on your college applications. By working with PrepScholar AP tutoring, you can help ensure that you get college credit for your AP coursework. If you get enough AP credits to graduate early, your AP prep can pay for itself in reduced tuition costs.

PrepScholar is Here to Help

Our tutors are exceptional scholars and experts in the subjects they teach. All of our tutors attended and graduated from Ivy-League and Top 20 universities where they studied the very subjects they’ll teach to you.

Not only must they have advanced degrees and a background of excellent teaching, but they also must pass a rigorous series of content knowledge tests and teaching evaluations. 

Expert 1-on-1 Help

The Perfect Tutor for You

Sessions To Target Your Needs

Study One-on-One with a Top Scorer

Our tutors will work directly with you to build strategies to study effectively, remember what you learn, and take tests like a pro.

AP Tutoring Available for These Exams


  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics


  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Physics 1
  • Ap Physics Mechanics
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science Principles


  • AP European History
  • AP Gov’t and U.S. Politics
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Psychology
  • AP U.S. History
  • AP World History


  • AP English Language & Composition
  • AP English Literature & Composition
  • AP Spanish Language
  • AP Music Theory
  • AP Art History
  • AP Art & Design 2D/3D

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