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With us, you’ll multiply your chances of admission to Ivy League schools by:

Up to 7 Applications

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Unlimited communication with your consultant
  • Includes all the items discussed below


Up to 12 Applications

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Unlimited communication with your consultant
  • Includes all the items discussed below


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Up to 16 Applications

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Unlimited communication with your consultant
  • Includes all the items discussed below


Up to 20 Applications

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Unlimited communication with your consultant
  • Includes all the items discussed below


When I think of my college admission process, I very quickly think of PrepScholar because they were very helpful in taking my application and humanizing it. I knew I needed to take what I had done in high school, my interests, achievements, goals, and make them something that an admission officer could understand and relate to on a personal level. What I liked the most is the way PrepScholar took all those different things and made an engaging narrative out of it.

Jayanth P.
Complete Admissions Package student

Admitted to and currently attending:

How the Complete Admissions Package works


Getting Started

Enroll and Get Matched With The Perfect Admissions Consultant

After filling out our Student Profile Questionnaire and optional Parent Profile Questionnaire, we’ll match you with the perfect admissions consultant based on your profile, target major, target schools, specific needs, and more.

Start your 1-on-1 Meetings and Discuss Your Application Plan

After onboarding, you and your consultant start meeting once a week over video call. Our process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your background, experiences, and goals in order to craft a personalized application strategy that accentuates your unique narrative and strengths.

Creating a Timeline To Stay Organized

Right from the beginning, we’ll make a plan and create a timeline so we can stay organized and be on the same page regarding next steps, concrete milestones, and to-do’s in between meetings. 


Creating Your Application

School Selection Strategy

Based on an analysis of your individual profile, goals, and preferences, we will provide you with tailored guidance on the selection of appropriate schools for your application. Our aim is to create a well-balanced and effective admissions plan.

Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays

You will receive personalized support for each essay that you must compose, including topic brainstorming, extensive drafting and revision, and final polishing before submission. With unlimited revisions with your consultant, you’ll craft the perfect essays that make you stand out.

Full App Review

Our team meticulously reviews every component of your application to ensure that it is cohesive, polished, and error-free. From the accuracy of your activity descriptions to proofreading for typographical errors, we leave no stone unturned.

Gathering Recommendation Letters from Teachers

We offer comprehensive guidance on securing strong letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors, along with strategies and tips for maximizing their effectiveness in your application.


Post-Application Submissions Support

Financial Aid

We’ll help you navigate and negotiate the merit- and need-based financial aid process so you receive the best financial aid or scholarship offer at your top-choice school.

Interview Prep

In preparation for interviews, we offer mock interview sessions and prepare you for common questions, providing you with valuable insights and feedback to ensure that you are able to present yourself in the best possible light.

Waitlist/Reject Strategy

In the event that you’re waitlisted or rejected, it’s not necessarily over yet. We’ll guide you through how to contact schools and how to write Letters of Continued Interest to convince them that you’re the one they need to admit

Final School Decision

When it comes time to make your final decision, our team will help you weigh the pros and cons of each acceptance offer, enabling you to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Complete Admissions Package Features

Timeline Management

We take control of the timeline so you can be relieved of any project management responsibilities and know that you’re on track.

Expert Guidance

With our guidance and support, you’ll feel supported and prepared throughout the process —even having fun along the way!

Make Informed Decisions

“You don’t know what you don’t know”. With our help, you can feel confident that you’re making the right choices and maximizing your chances of admission.

We Hire Only The Best

Leverage Experienced Admissions Consultants

At PrepScholar, you have access to the nation’s best storytellers, profile-builders, and application crafters. By working one-on-one with one of our expert Admissions Consultants, students build their profiles and develop their unique story resulting in a standout application.  

  • Experienced in every stage of the admissions process
  • Demonstrated track record of student acceptances
  • Skilled essay coaches and editors helping every student tell their story
  • Experts in specific majors, programs, and student needs
  • Graduates from Ivies and other top universities 
  • Enthusiastic mentors from all academic backgrounds

Complete Admissions Package Case Study

  • Location: Connecticut
  • Academic Interest: Biology or Biochemistry (Pre-med)
  • Class Rank: 14 out of 300
  • Test Score: SAT 1540; 6 AP exams, all with scores of 5
  • Activities: Debate captain, HOSA, volunteer at hospital, biochemistry research over summer
  • Colleges of Interest: Yale, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, Duke, possible BS-MD

Meet Pravan

Pravan signed up for PrepScholar as a rising senior. He had done all the “typical” pre-med extracurriculars and excelled in school, but he knew that to stand out in a crowded and homogenous field of aspiring doctors his application needed to shine.

  • How to use his experiences, interests, and goals to create a unique narrative that stands out from the pack
  • What “safe” and “target” colleges he should add to his list to balance out his “reach” schools, based on his college preferences
  • Whether he should consider applying to BS-MD programs, and if so, which ones
  • Which college(s) he should apply to Early Action and/or Early Decision 
  • What topic to write about for his Common App essay 
  • How to organize, plan, and execute the many supplemental essays required by his top colleges
  • Which major to select for each college on his list
  • Whether he should ask for an extra letter of recommendation and from whom
  • How to prepare for college interviews

When Pravan signed up for our Complete Admissions Package, we recommended a consultant who specialized in working with pre-med students. Pravan’s Admissions Consultant reviewed his intake questionnaire and came up with a strategy to help him maximize his college outcomes.

1. Strategy

  • Pravan’s consultant pointed out that in addition to 5 years of high school Spanish, Pravan had also taken 2 years of French and studied Hindi at home. She helped him identify an application narrative that highlighted his love of learning languages and how he hopes to use these language skills in his future medical career. The intersection of these passions made Pravan’s application distinctive.
  • After a detailed discussion with his consultant, Pravan decided to focus his time and energy on highly selective universities where he will have more flexibility in his program of study compared to BS-MD programs.

2. College List

  • Pravan’s consultant made college recommendations based on Pravan’s initial college ideas. By the end of the summer they had a balanced list of 15 schools; importantly, they were all schools which Pravan would be happy to attend. 
  • Pravan’s consultant showed him how to research each college on his list to identify his reasons for applying and how he could frame himself as a compelling applicant for that school based on his application narrative.
  • After a detailed discussion with his consultant, Pravan decided to apply Early Decision to Dartmouth and Early Action to Elon University. If not admitted early to Dartmouth, he planned to apply ED 2 to Vanderbilt.

3. Execution & Essays

  • Pravan spent June and July brainstorming, drafting, and polishing his Common App essay with his consultant so it would be finished by August 1 when the supplemental essay prompts are released. Each week, Pravan’s consultant gave him detailed feedback on the essay drafts he had worked on. 
  • Pravan’s consultant helped him organize the supplemental essay prompts according to their common themes to make the workload easier. She mapped out a timeline from August to January and spaced out weekly essay assignments so that Pravan would have plenty of time to complete his applications.
  • Even though Pravan decided to apply ED, his consultant made sure he started working on his other applications in the fall so that they would be complete if he did not get an acceptance in December. 
  • Pravan’s consultant reviewed Pravan’s ED and EA applications ahead of the deadlines to make sure they were perfect before Pravan submitted them. 

4. Interview Prep

  • After Pravan applied to Dartmouth and was offered an interview, Pravan’s consultant practiced mock interviews with him to ensure he was comfortable and prepared.
  • Since Pravan knew his interviewer’s name ahead of time, they were able to look up her profile online in order to learn about her and relieve some anxiety.
  • They reviewed the most common questions alumni interviewers ask and brainstormed how they would structure each answer.

Final Result: Pravan was admitted ED to Dartmouth in December!

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