Essay Coaching and Review

Designed for rising and current 12th graders.

Write Your Way In With Essays That Leave An Impression.

Whether you have a good start on your essay and you want to take it to the next level, or you need some coaching to craft the perfect piece from the ground up, we’ve got you covered!

Of our students are admitted into at least one of their top choice schools.

Full Essay Coaching

The best option if you want to craft the ultimate essay from the ground up or need to discuss your current draft’s narrative. Your admissions consultants will take you from topic planning to final draft.

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Essay Review

A great option if you already know what you want to write about and you’d mostly benefit from an expert admissions consultant helping you perfect your style, tone, and message.

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Full Essay Coaching

You’re a unique person, with unique experiences and ambitions, but how do you best show this in a response to an essay prompt? With Full Essay Coaching, your expert Admissions Consultant will guide you from beginning to end and make sure your strongest attributes come through clearly and concisely.

This is a great option for the Common App personal statement, reach schools, and other high-stakes situations.

  • 1-on-1 video calls with your Admissions Consultant
  • Unlimited rounds of editing for each essay
  • One dedicated consultant assisting you with all your essays

How it works:

We get to know you in detail and match you with the perfect consultant

We brainstorm and strategize your essay topic during live, face-to-face calls

We work with you to edit and improve your draft – as many times as it takes

We help you finish with a perfect stand-out essay

Essay Review

You have a good start on your essay, but you want an expert to help you perfect it? PrepScholar Admissions Consultants are top-notch writers who know exactly what colleges are looking for. No matter your background or school choices, they’ll help you wordsmith and perfect your essay so you can present your thoughts in the best possible manner.

This is an affordable option for lower-stakes situations and almost-ready essays that require some polishing before they’re submissions-ready.

  • Up to 5 rounds of written comments and edits per essay
  • One dedicated consultant assisting you with all your essays

How it works:

Upload your rough essay draft

Receive a complete evaluation and revision – Up to 5 rounds

Finish with a completely polished essay

See for yourself!

Curious to see the process in action? See two samples of our essay review and revision process for real essays. SAMPLE ONE | SAMPLE TWO

Pricing Tiers

The Full Essay Coaching and Essay Review services are priced by number of essays.

To choose the right tier, identify the number of essays you would like to work on and select the corresponding option.
We recommend fitting multiple essays into one package to save!

*We can also help you with the Common App activities list. All you need to do is count it as an essay.

1 Essay

(or a total of up to 650 words)

full coaching

review only

2 Essays

(or a total of up to 1000 words)

full coaching

review only

3 Essays

(or a total of up to 1500 words)

full coaching

review only

4 Essays

(or a total of up to 2000 words)

full coaching

review only

5 Essays

(or a total of up to 2500 words)

full coaching

review only

6 Essays

(or a total of up to 3000 words)

full coaching

review only

7 Essays

(or a total of up to 3500 words)

review only

full coaching

8 Essays

(or a total of up to 4000 words)

full coaching

review only

9 Essays

(or a total of up to 4500 words)

full coaching

review only

10 Essays

(or a total of up to 5000 words)

full coaching

review only

We Hire Only The Best

Leverage Experienced Admissions Consultants

At PrepScholar, you have access to the nation’s best storytellers, profile-builders, and application crafters. By working one-on-one with one of our expert Admissions Consultants, students build their profiles and develop their unique story resulting in a standout application.  

  • Experienced in every stage of the admissions process
  • Demonstrated track record of student acceptances
  • Skilled essay coaches and editors helping every student tell their story
  • Experts in specific majors, programs, and student needs
  • Graduates from Ivies and other top universities 
  • Enthusiastic mentors from all academic backgrounds

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