With our GMAT Prep, you’ll get a 60+ point improvement guarantee. PrepScholar’s adaptive online program is scientifically designed to understand your strengths and weaknesses and customize to your exact abilities, so you’ll make more progress in less time than with any other program.

GMAT Online Prep

Recommended for students interested in starting GMAT prep with a skill-by-skill diagnostic assessment.

  • 3-Month Access
  • 750 Real Practice Questions
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • 30+ GMAT Skill Lessons
  • 5 GMAT Strategy Lessons
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Complete GMAT Online Prep

Recommended for students ready for a fully-adaptive and customized GMAT learning experience.

  • 4-Month Access
  • 1,000+ Real Practice Questions
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • 60-Point Guarantee
  • Custom Study Plan
  • 10 GMAT Strategy Lessons
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1-1 Tutoring + Complete GMAT Online Prep

Recommended for students ready for a fully-adaptive and customized GMAT experience plus dedicated one-on-one expert tutoring support. 

  • Up to 20 Hours of Tutoring
  • Access to our Complete GMAT Online Prep ($259 Value)
  • Real Personal Support from Expert GMAT Tutor
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The Real Score Guarantee

We’re so confident that your score will increase we’re putting our money where our mouth is! Didn’t get a 60-point increase on your GMAT? We’ll refund 100% of your payment. See full terms and conditions.


Features Guaranteed to Improve Your Score

Diagnostic Assessment

Our smart diagnostic determines your skill level for all 30+ GMAT skills, across both verbal and quant sections of the test.

Customized Curriculum

The algorithm then builds a custom curriculum and study program that caters to your difficulty level.

Progress Tracking Tools

Weekly reports, progress trackers, and customized feedback keep you informed of your individual progress and next steps.

How PrepScholar Works

Take a Diagnostic Test

60-Question test pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses across 31 GMAT skills.

1.5± Hours

Customized Weekly Study Plan

Receive your results and a personalized, fully-guided study plan to chart out your lessons.

40± Total Study Hours

Learn with Interactive Lessons

We broke down the GMAT into 31 fine-grained skills so you can tackle each section of the test carefully.

1. Explanation

Review the topic and strategies with a mix of videos, diagrams, and interactive examples

2. Targeted Practice Quiz

Test your skill and knowledge with 10 to 20 realistic practice questions

3. Review your Mistakes

Learn from your mistakes with our thorough, step-by-step explanations

Helpful Explainer Videos

Our GMAT prep lessons have videos to clarify concepts you need to ace the GMAT. Our videos carefully explain the hardest concepts and teach you the test-taking strategies you need to know for every type of GMAT question. Videos are just one part of our sophisticated program to prepare you the best way possible.

Practice Taking Official Test

Put your new skills to work on a full-length official GMAT. Once you finish the test and enter your answers online, your test will immediately be graded and your score will be displayed. When you complete approximately 10 study hours, you will be assigned a full-length practice test (two included). 

Real Results

Real Improvement

Our average score improvement is 65 points. 25% of our students improved by 70 points or more!

More Motivation

Our adaptive online program motivates students to study 4x longer than the average student, resulting in higher score improvements.

60-Point Guarantee

If you don’t get at least a 60 point improvement on your next GMAT, you get your money back. See full terms and conditions.

How We Stack Up

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Money-back Guarantee
Diagnostic Assessment
Printed Books
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Customized Curriculum
Taught by 99% Scorers

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