Annual Mentorship Package

Designed for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.

Even though you’ll submit applications senior year, most of your college applications work is built in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. This is the time when you should be taking challenging courses, acing standardized tests, developing world-class extracurriculars, and nurturing relationships with your recommendation letter writers. PrepScholar’s Annual Mentorship Package is designed to develop your candidacy and application’s competitiveness before you apply to a single college.


Getting Started

Enroll and Get Matched With Your Consultant

After filling out your Student Profile Questionnaire and Parent Profile Questionnaire, we’ll match you with the perfect admissions consultant based on your profile, potential major, target schools, specific needs, and more.

Start Meeting 1:1 With Your Personal Consultant

After onboarding, you and your personal consultant meet every two weeks through video call. To identify your strengths and areas of improvement, the PrepScholar process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your background, experiences, and goals.

Establish Your 12-Month College Application Plan

The mentorship package covers an entire school year and summer. Your consultant will build a detailed, step-by-step action plan covering every little detail to strengthen your student profile. Your personalized timeline will be included to help you stay organized and progressing toward your goal with concrete milestones, and to-do’s to work on between meetings.


Tackle Your Custom Plan

Extracurricular Management

It’s especially important to deepen your extracurriculars in order to develop a “spike”. Your consultant will brainstorm ideas and plan for ambitious expansions of your interests to show deep achievement and interest in one or more areas.

Summer Activity Planning

If you want to maximize your chances of getting into your reach schools, you need to make the most out of your summer. We’ll research and recommend the best summer internships, camps, tournaments, or volunteering opportunities for students with your aspirations. We’ll also assist you in the various components of their applications.

Coursework Planning

Your high school coursework requires fine balance. It needs to be challenging enough to show your academic skills, but not be so challenging that it destroys your GPA and free time. Your coursework should also highlight your passion. We’ll design the ideal coursework sequence for you to achieve these goals.

Career Exploration

As a teenager, you don’t have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. But having a direction is helpful to nurture your passion and tell your application narrative. We’ll help you understand your interests, then structure opportunities to explore broadly so you can start defining your college major and potential career plans.

Test Prep Strategy

It’s critical to get great SAT/ACT and AP scores that qualify you for your dream schools. We’ll provide a customized plan for your test prep and test dates. If you need extra help through 1-on-1 tutoring with PrepScholar, we’ll provide you a discounted rate.

GPA Improvement Strategy

Getting A’s can get tough for anyone. We diagnose the reasons you’re not getting higher grades. Then we build a customized study strategy for every troublesome class to improve your homework grades and test scores so you can increase your GPA.

Teacher/Counselor Relationship Building

The best recommendation letters come from teachers and counselors who know you as a person, beyond your homework and grades. We’ll coach you on how to build fulfilling relationships with your letter writers, without coming across as insincere.


Get Ready to Apply To Colleges

If you’re wrapping up 11th grade, then it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to package all of your achievements into your college applications in order to get the best results. We’ll help you achieve that with our Complete Admissions Package.

Not a rising 12th grader yet? Don’t worry! That means we still have more time to continue strengthening your student profile with another year of the Annual Mentorship Package.

Annual Mentorship Package

  • Meetings with your dedicated consultant every other week
  • Extracurricular coaching
  • Summer activity planning
  • Course selection
  • Career Exploration
  • All items discussed below

Annual Mentorship Package Features

Building a “Spike”

Top colleges aren’t interested in well-rounded applicants; they want students who primarily excel in one area. We’ll help you identify and develop your unique spike.

Make the Right Decisions 

“You don’t know what you don’t know”. With our help, you can feel confident that you’re spending time on the right activities and making the right choices that will strengthen your student profile and future college application.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

When you know what you have to do and how to do it, things become more manageable. With our guidance and support, you’ll feel calm, comfortable, and supported throughout the process —even having fun along the way!

We Hire Only The Best

Leverage Experienced Admissions Consultants

At PrepScholar, you have access to the nation’s best storytellers, profile-builders, and application crafters. By working one-on-one with one of our expert Admissions Consultants, students build their profiles and develop their unique story resulting in a standout application.  

  • Experienced in every stage of the admissions process
  • Proven track record of student acceptances to their dream schools
  • Skilled storytellers and essay coaches
  • Experts in specific majors, programs, and student needs
  • Graduates from Ivies and other top universities 
  • Enthusiastic mentors from all academic backgrounds

Annual Mentorship Package Case Study

  • Location: Michigan
  • Academic Interest: Computer Science
  • Class Rank: Top 4 out of 90 students
  • Test Score: PSAT (10) 1430, ACT (practice) 31, AP World History 5
  • Activities: Dance 20-25 hours a week; Key Club
  • Colleges of Interest: Ivy League, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, UMichigan, UC Berkeley, UIUC

Meet Ellie

Ellie came to us in the spring of 10th grade. She was enrolled in AP Computer Science Principles and had developed an interest in that subject. She had heard that CS was one of the most competitive majors when it came to admissions. She also loved dance, which was her main extracurricular, but she did not want to pursue dance as a college major. She wanted help with the following:

  • What activities, projects, and classes should she be doing to stand out in the competitive Computer Science applicant pool?
  • How should she spend her summers to balance developing her CS expertise with continuing to excel in dance?
  • What colleges should she consider with a strong CS program that would also give her ample extracurricular dance opportunities?

Ellie signed up for our Annual Mentorship Package, which would carry her through until May of Junior year.

Ellie’s Admissions Consultant had a 6-point strategic plan for building her candidacy as a CS applicant at top colleges.

  1. Brainstorming, planning, and launching a Personal Project based on Ellie’s specific interests and skills. 
    • As a passionate dancer, Ellie knew a lot of girls, but very few of them seemed to have confidence in STEM – she was the only one at her dance company planning to go into CS.
    • With her Admissions Consultant’s guidance, Ellie put together a survey to distribute to schools in her area (grades 3-12) that analyzed the different levels of interest that girls have in the STEM fields over time. 
    • Next, Ellie’s Admission Consultant encouraged her to start a Women in STEM club at her school, building on the findings of her research project.
    • By the end of the year she had scaled the Women in STEM club to her entire school district, hosting workshops, career days, and science fairs for girls. 
  1. Helping Ellie identify and apply to selective Computer Science summer programs, internships, and research opportunities.
    • Ellie applied to several competitive summer programs recommended by us and her counselor helped her brainstorm and edit essays. She was admitted to a Stanford summer program in computer engineering. 
    • Ellie’s Admissions Consultant guided her to publish her research paper on Girls in STEM in the International Journal of High School Research. 
    • Ellie also took online courses in Python and Java during the school year, after which she started teaching coding classes for middle school girls in her community.
  1. Application Narrative Building
    • Ellie’s consultant helped Ellie tailor her extracurriculars to center around her CS+dance+girls’ empowerment narrative. This included dropping out of Key Club and focusing her time around the Girls in STEM club and teaching coding to middle school girls she met through her dance company.
    • Ellie’s consultant encouraged Ellie to free write about connections she saw between Computer Science and dance, which could provide material for a unique college essay.
  1. College Exploration Research
    • Ellie’s admissions consultant helped Ellie figure out what qualities she was looking for in a college other than the CS program and dance opportunities
    • Ellie’s admissions consultant ensured that Ellie did plenty of research on each school on her preliminary college list, saving her valuable time later in the application process.
  1. Test Prep Strategy 
    • Ellie had scored 1430 on the sophomore PSAT before signing up. 
    • Based on her schedule and needs, her Admissions Consultant helped  come up with a yearlong test prep plan to maximize her SAT scores. 
    • In March of 11th grade, she earned a 1570 on the SAT.
  1. Maintaining and solidifying her status as a top performer at her high school.
    • Her counselor helped her choose her 11th grade classes – urged her to take AP Computer Science A, AP Calc BC (rather than than AB), and either AP Chemistry or Biology junior year. Ellie also took AP US History and AP English Language.
    • When Ellie became stressed out by her heavy AP courseload, her AC helped her refine her time management and study skills by tackling her chronic perfectionism.
    • She finished the year with all A’s.

By the end of her Mentorship Service, Ellie had gone from being a top student without much on her resume that reflected her Computer Science passion to having a Computer Science “spike” with a unique angle that set her apart from other applicants. 

With her strong candidacy established, Ellie was excited to continue working with her same Admissions Consultant for the Complete Admissions Package in 12th grade so that they could work on her essays and applications.

Because her Admissions Consultant already knew Ellie so well from their Mentorship experience, they had an excellent sense of how to guide her to write her best essays. They also worked on finalizing her college list, strategizing around Early Decision, and polishing all her applications to perfection.

Final Result: She was admitted to her #1 choice Princeton in the Restrictive Early Action round!

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