GMAT Tutoring

You’ll love our tutoring, and you’ll raise your score – guaranteed. We’re so confident in our program that we will completely refund you if you don’t love it: just tell us after your first hour! And once you’ve finished our program, we guarantee your score will increase by at least 60 GMAT points on the real test.

Monitored Prep

  • 4 Hours of Tutoring
  • 4 month access to Complete Online GMAT Prep
  • Tutor checkpoints to review and provide tips


Tutor-Led Prep

  • 10 Hours of Tutoring
  • 4 month access to Complete Online GMAT Prep
  • Learning driven by an expert tutor online

Maximum Tutoring Prep

  • 20 Hours of Tutoring
  • Unlimited access to Complete Online GMAT Prep
  • Close personal guidance from an expert tutor

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The Real Score Guarantee

We’re so confident in your score increase we’re putting our money where our mouth is! Didn’t get the 60 point increase on your GMAT? We’ll refund 100% of your payment. See full terms and conditions.


Only the Best Tutors

You learn better when your tutor is right for you. Your tutor can’t just be a high scorer: they also need to be a great teacher. All of our GMAT tutors are 99th percentile scorers, but they’re also passionate, expert teachers. No matter where you are in your prep, we’ll match you with a tutor who knows how to with you and get that high score.

How It Works

PrepScholar tutors work closely with you to support your unique needs as a learner. Unlike other companies, our tutors have the advantage of tracking your progress in the Complete GMAT Online Prep program between sessions, so they can adjust your learning plan in real-time with lessons that target specific areas where you can improve. That way, every minute of your tutoring is focused on building understanding and skills that will improve your score. 

Depending on your target score, studying habits, and general preference, you can determine how much time you’d like to work with a tutor to meet your goals. On average, students spend about 40 hours preparing for the test with the Complete GMAT Online Prep program and sessions with their tutors.

We recommend spreading out your tutoring sessions and online practice between your start date and test date so that your prep plan looks something like this:

4 and 10 hours of tutoring:

Self Study

Tutor Study

Self Study

Tutor Study

Self Study

20 hours of tutoring:

Tutor Study

Self Study

Tutor Study

Self Study

Tutor Study

Also Included: Our adaptive Complete GMAT Online Prep program

Videos to Clarify Hard Concepts

Many lessons have included videos to show you the content and strategies you need to ace the GMAT. These high-quality videos supplement our interactive lessons to carefully explain the most difficult concepts.  See a sample video.

Full Guidance— Never Get Lost

We give you exact step-by-step instructions on what to study: which lessons to take and when. We tell you whether you should be reading lessons, drilling questions, or reviewing your mistakes. We assign practice tests to you at best times. 

Progress Reports Keep You On Track

We give you a variety of tools to keep track of progress. A time tracker shows you how much time you’re studying and how you stack up against your goal. Skill charts show you how you’re making progress over time. A log of all your progress gives you a complete record of your past work and lets you access every quiz taken on demand.

Create Your Own Quizzes

If you decide you would like to drill particular topics, you can create your own quizzes with questions selected from those topics. After answering the questions, you can see the correct answers, with detailed explanations of why they are correct.

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