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Customer PSAT Success Stories

Each of these stories features a real customer who studied with PrepScholar. Find the stories that best match your situation.

Busy Football Athlete

Busy Students

You have a busy schedule and barely have time for PSAT prep. Busy students use PrepScholar to fit PSAT prep into their lives.

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Student Graduating

Top Scorers

You're already scoring high and want to get even better. Top scorers use PrepScholar to learn top strategies and get those last points.

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Clock Ticking Down

Last-Minute Study

You only have a few weeks before the test. Last-minute students use PrepScholar to guide their study and get the most out of every minute.

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Student Lying on Bed Sleeping

Unmotivated Students

You find it hard to get motivated to study. Unmotivated students use PrepScholar to schedule more study time and get engaged.

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Frustrated Student Clutching Head

Low Scorers

You're scoring below average on the PSAT and need to get your score up. Low scorers use PrepScholar to learn fundamental strategies and make huge improvements.

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