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SAT 160+ Point Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll improve with PrepScholar that if you don’t gain at least 160 points on your next SAT compared to your last SAT or PSAT, we’ll give you your money back. This is a win-win for you: either you get the SAT score you want, or you get free SAT prep.

While we extend this guarantee, we are confident you'll get the score improvement and won't need to claim it.

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My previous SAT was a 1350. I just scored a 1530!! I’m very excited and thankful for your excellent study program.
Photo of Nick R.
Nick R. (Virginia)
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Five Star Ratings for PrepScholar

4.95 out of 5 stars

Reviewed to Be the Best

When PrepScholar delivers results, students and parents are overjoyed. They leave ratings around the Internet, making us the highest rated online prep program available. Here's an excerpt of a review:

We liked PrepScholar because the lessons focused on the areas with the greatest upside potential. We were impressed with the way the lessons were presented, the personal attention we received, and their enthusiasm for my daughter's success. After following the PrepScholar program exactly as it was presented she increased her SAT score by 330 points!

-Deb Coulson

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SAT points improved 200 points in over 10 hours

Proven to Work

You’ll improve your score every single day you use PrepScholar. By test day, you’ll be hundreds of points up.

We suggest that students spend at least 40 hours studying for their test using our program, but students who have spent only 10 hours with PrepScholar improved their score by an average of 200 points!

How do we do it? PrepScholar is designed to identify your weak points and drill down on them until you master them, using industry-leading teaching materials.

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Feedback from Real Students

PrepScholar invites all its students to review PrepScholar at the end of the course. We take feedback seriously so we know what we’re doing well and to ensure that we're doing the best job possible.

PrepScholar received the following reviews from recent SAT or ACT course students who were not paid for these comments. All references to scores are real final SAT or ACT results.

I really like your progress bar. I want to finish all the lessons to fill it up.
Photo of Maggie S.
Maggie S.
The best part of PrepScholar is that it’s structured. It tells me exactly what I need to study at every point, so I don’t have to guess.
Photo of Sarah S.
Sarah S.
PrepScholar lets me work whenever I want to. I have a busy schedule and this is great.
Photo of Donald L.
Donald L.
Thank you thank you so much! I tried exactly what your program told me to do and my score shot up. I improved 150 points in reading alone.
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Ashley H.
I’m an athlete so I appreciate the study program online can fit around my busy schedule… [PrepScholar] has been incredibly professional and effective.
Photo of Evan S.
Evan S.
I like that I learn a lesson about a certain topic, and then I’m quizzed on it immediately. I remember the lessons much better this way.
Photo of Anjali S.
Anjali S.
Your layout is easy to understand, and I like that your lessons are in chunks that I can easily understand. Much better than a [competitor’s] course I tried before.
Photo of Sasha B.
Sasha B.
The best thing about using PrepScholar instead of a big-name company is the fast response and close attention I get here.
Photo of Ashton B.
Ashton B.
My son is a sophomore and scored in the 99th percentile on his test. I like that PrepScholar was able to pick that out and give hard lessons to him that was right for his skill.
Photo of Uros P.
Uros P.
Since all the lessons are divided up into individualized sections, I can clearly analyze and fix any weakness or insecurities.
Photo of Johna C.
Johna C.
I’m glad I have something that won’t waste my time with what I do know, and pinpoint what I don’t know. You guys are SAT experts.
Photo of Jessica N.
Jessica N.
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