TOEFL Prep Frequently Asked Questions

How does your score guarantee work?

We guarantee that after completing the TOEFL course, if you do not see a 15 point increase from a previous official score to the new official score, then we will give all of your money back. You can read the details of the guarantee terms here. To our knowledge, this is the highest score increase guarantee in the world (backed by a full refund). We can do this because we’re so confident that if you follow our course, you will be the best prepared to hit your target TOEFL score.

Tell me more about your free trial. Is it really free?

Yes, our free trial gives you access to our entire course for 5 full days at no cost. When you sign up for the free trial, a standard “hold” will be placed on your card. Please note that for certain debit cards, this hold will appear as a charge on your card, so make sure you have sufficient funds if you are using a debit card with strict financial policies. But rest assured that your hold will be dropped if you email [email protected] to cancel within. Your card will be automatically charged 5 days after your diagnostic test or within 20 days after you sign up.

Will my practice prepare me for the real TOEFL?

Yes, to an extreme degree. We are a team of top 1% TOEFL teachers and most of us have taught students for over 10 years at the best universities in the United States. We spent a lot of time and resources to create extremely high-quality TOEFL practice.

To be frank, we believe most of the TOEFL practice material out there is just garbage. PrepScholar has carefully crafted realistic questions that correctly reflect the traps, tricks and difficulty levels tested on the real TOEFL test. With PrepScholar, you’ll master the TOEFL on your first try.

Since the TOEFL iBT is a computer test, quizzes simulate the real TOEFL testing experience in terms of question-wording, difficulty level, adaptive behavior, time limitation, and more.

How does 1-on-1 grading work?

If you go beyond the 5-day trial, you’ll be able to practice realistic Speaking and Writing questions and submit them for a TOEFL instructor to review, assign a TOEFL grade, and give you detailed feedback on exactly what you did well, what you could improve, and how to get a better score.

Most courses charge as much as $50 to grade just one question. With this course, you will have 8 chances to submit your voice recordings, and another 4 chances to submit your writing–covering all question types tested on the TOEFL.

Our TOEFL instructors are not only the best teachers, they are trained to accurately assess your response based on strict TOEFL grading rubrics published by the ETS (maker of TOEFL).

Many of our students see their Speaking and Writing score improve dramatically after just a few rounds of reviews and feedback. No need to waste your time watching YouTube videos, start practicing with PrepScholar today.

Do I need to buy other books, upgrade, or pay more to see other materials?

No, you do not need to buy anything else. The TOEFL course price is all-inclusive. It includes all materials, fees, and applicable taxes. There are no mandatory fees, surcharges, books, or other items that you need to purchase in addition to the base price you see when you sign up. We believe that every student deserves to get the best material right away, so we don’t hide anything and charge you more for it later.

Other test prep courses offer premium plans where they hide their best material, or they offer advanced courses where you have to pay more to get a human to review your Speaking and Writing. We do not do that. Our course contains only the best and everything you need to get a great TOEFL score from beginning to end.

Should I get the best-selling or the lifetime plan?

It depends on where you are in your application process. If you are not sure when you will be applying and just want to study and get the TOEFL out of the way first, then the lifetime plan might be the right option because you’ll have unlimited access to it. Want to study the TOEFL slowly? Not a problem; the program is here when you need it.

If you are 100% sure you’ll take the TOEFL within the next 12 months,  then we’d recommend our best-selling plan. This is our most popular plan. It’s a one-time payment and you have 1-year access. It’s the most effective AND affordable TOEFL course you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Do I need to have taken the TOEFL test before? Do I need to prepare before I take this course?

Many of our students are first-time TOEFL test-takers, so if you’re ready to start studying you should sign-up now. Our lessons start at exactly where you are capable of doing and we go up from there. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the TOEFL from beginning to end. You do not need to prepare anything before you start the course.

Do you teach TOEFL strategies as well as practice?

Yes. In each lesson, we go over baseline content, but we also go over common ways the TOEFL traps students and how to strategize around those traps.

Also, we have an entire set of lessons geared towards general strategies. These cover a range of topics, like how to spot answer traps, how to avoid careless mistakes, and how to deal with time pressure.

Do I need to pre-schedule time for the program? Can I work on the program anytime I like?

You can use our program just like you use the rest of the Internet: you do NOT need to schedule anything beforehand. Everything is accessible whenever you like, whether it’s 6AM, 4PM, or 11PM. Work as many hours per week as you’d like, or as few as you’d like. Pause the program whenever you’d like, even in the middle of a lesson or test.

Am I the right type of person to use PrepScholar?

Anyone taking the TOEFL can use PrepScholar, but it’s ideal for people who fall into one of the following categories:

  • You’re a busy student or professional: If you have classes, a job, or other priorities in your life that take up time, and you must fit TOEFL prep in between, then PrepScholar is ideal for you.
  • You care about efficient studying: Are you looking to spend the minimum amount of time possible to hit your target score? If you want a great TOEFL score but also want it fast, then PrepScholar is THE program for you.
  • You can’t seem to improve anymore: Maybe you’ve already started studying for the TOEFL and were improving in the beginning, but you’ve since flatlined, and you’re still a few points shy of your target score. Then PrepScholar is the perfect option for you—our diagnostic test is designed to find out your exact weaknesses on the TOEFL.
  • You’re overwhelmed and lost; you want guidance: This is totally understandable. The TOEFL is a really complex standardized test (did you know there are 6 question formats for Reading Comprehension alone?!). It can feel overwhelming to have all the information thrown at you all at once. PrepScholar is a great option for those looking to get step-by-step guidance. Every week, we’ll assign you specific lessons to study, and we’ll rank them in a prioritized order so you’ll know which one to start first.

How many hours do you need to finish the course? How many weeks do I need, minimum or maximum?

Our program is different from any other test prep course out there in that we don’t measure success by time. Our evaluation is based on the progress you make on your TOEFL skills, and our course is considered complete when you level up through all the skills from core to advanced to mastery. We’ve had students come to us after hundreds of hours of studying and still feel confused about where they are. PrepScholar makes it clear exactly what you’ve accomplished and how far you have to go.

Having said that, even when you get your ideal study schedule from us, you still need to put in the time to study in order to improve. We typically recommend a baseline of 40 hours total. The baseline needed varies greatly from person to person, so it’s hard for us to say exactly how long you’ll need without first seeing your performance on our diagnostic test. However, we do recommend that you put in a minimum of 40 hours (and preferably 100 hours total) into studying for the TOEFL. For example, if you plan to take the test in two months (60 days) then you’re encouraged to spend 1 to 3 hours a day on the program. Notice that this is far less time than most students spend studying for the TOEFL, and you’ll be able to get an even higher score with PrepScholar.  Our past students have gotten great scores on the TOEFL after studying for as few as 3 weeks or as long as several years.

Is it all online? Do I need to drive to a prep center? What other equipment do I need?

The program is 100% all online. You do NOT need to drive anywhere or meet in any prep centers.

All you need for our program is an internet connection and a modern computer—generally, any computer from the last 10 years is fine.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or any debit card you have. We process our transactions through PayPal, so your card info is safe. If you have an international credit card, you may need to contact your bank to allow them to process foreign transactions. You can also pay directly via PayPal. If you have issues with payment, email us at[email protected].

How many times will I be charged?

You will be charged only one time for any paid plan. We don’t store your credit card information, so we definitely won’t charge you on a monthly basis or anything like that. It is only a one-time charge.

Why don’t you offer a 1-month or 6-month course?

The cost of our course is the same whether you need to study for 2-weeks or 1 year. The value of our course resides in getting you to achieve your dream score and not in how long we allow you to access our course. Whether you have a year left to prepare for the TOEFL or only 2 weeks to cram, our best-selling course is equally valuable. Got a 15-point increase? Your money is more than well spent. Didn’t get a 15-point increase? We refund 100% of your money back. We want you to ace the TOEFL as fast as possible, but if you want to plan ahead and study a little each day, or if you want to study a lot in a short amount of time, both are fine with us. We deliver results, which are backed up by a strong score increase guarantee.

Why don’t you offer section-specific courses?

Similar to the above explanation, our course is here to help you achieve your dream score increase whether it’s on one section or both. We measure the value of our course by the result and not by how much material we release to you. If you need a 15+ point increase in one section only, the same course can be customized to guide you to achieve that goal. If you don’t achieve it, you don’t need to pay.

If you know that you only need to improve specific skills across each section, our course can help you identify them and turn your weaknesses into strengths with your customized course.