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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the point increase guarantee work?

We know our program works, but you don’t have to take our word for it; we guarantee that you’ll see a 160+ point increase on your SAT score or a 4+ point increase on your ACT score by the time you complete our program. Completing the program simply means attending all your classes, taking all assigned practice tests, and reaching the Mastery level in all of the skills in our Complete Prep program. [See full terms and conditions – link to top of terms and conditions page]

Unlike other programs, we actually guarantee an increase on your real, official SAT or ACT score. So if you complete the program and don’t see a 160+ SAT or 4+ ACT point increase, simply send us your last official score prior to prepping with us and your official score from after you completed the program. We’ll refund you for your Complete Prep program ($397) and provide you 9 more hours of classes, completely free.

Of course, we can’t get you a 37 on the ACT or a 1610 on the SAT, so we guarantee your point increase will be up to a 34 on the ACT or a 1530 on the SAT. That places you solidly in the 99th percentile, and many of our students see higher scores and perfect scores, too!

How does the First-Class Guarantee work?

We want you to get the chance to make sure that Classes are really right for you. If after your first class, you decide it’s not the right fit, just email [email protected] within 48 hours, and we’ll refund your entire Classes purchase!

If you’ve used your Complete Prep program for over 5 days, or if you just want to keep using it without Classes, we’ll refund you $498 for the Classes, and you can continue to learn with Complete Prep!

Who will my teacher be?

Each class is led by a specialist in the area of focus for that class. So if you’re taking a class in advanced math strategy, your teacher will be someone who specializes in the tricks and techniques for acing the toughest math questions on the test. Many of our teachers specialize in more than one area, but you may also work with a few different teachers as you prep. Each teacher will know your top questions, the areas you’ve found challenging, and your progress so far before the class even starts, so they’ll know exactly how to help you raise your score. You can learn more about our specific teachers and our hiring requirements here.

How does the Complete Online Prep part of the program work?

Between classes, you’ll complete homework in our powerful, online adaptive test prep program. You’ll start by completing a 60-question diagnostic that will pinpoint your level of mastery across the 49 SAT skills or 52 ACT skills that you need to ace the test.

From there, our program will provide you lessons and quizzes that target your level of learning to push your score higher. As you work in the program, it will continually adapt to you so you always receive the right challenge level to keep improving. You’ll also complete regular practice tests from real College Board or ACT, Inc. materials to ensure you transfer everything you’ve learned to realistic test scenarios. Read more about Complete Prep here.

What does each class cover?

The Classes curriculum and the syllabus for each class are designed to teach you all the content you need to know on the test (topics like comma usage and solving systems of equations) as well as all the strategies you need to actually apply that knowledge on the test within the time limit. Each class has portions dedicated to strategy, content, and how to apply those two pieces together.

For a detailed syllabus of our Classes program, click here.

What is the class schedule?

When you sign up for classes, you’ll select the schedule that works best for you. If you need to miss a session or change your schedule, we have make-up classes and review videos available to ensure you don’t miss a step. Click here to see available schedules.

How quickly can I get started after I sign up?

When you sign up for classes, you get immediate access to your online Complete Prep program, so you can start learning and improving from the minute you sign up! Your first class will depend on the schedule you select when you sign up. Click here to see available schedules.

Can I sign up for more classes after I finish my first 9 hours?

Yes! We also offer special discounted 1-1 tutoring, available to students who have completed our main course but want to raise their scores even higher.

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