How We Improve Your TOEFL Score →

PrepScholar TOEFL is more than a fixed list of videos and practice questions. Our course is 100% adaptive. It means we customize your learning to your strengths and weaknesses. With PrepScholar, you will increase your TOEFL score in less time by more than any other program.


Our smart diagnostic figures out your true skill level and builds a custom prep program that caters to your difficulty level. You'll make the fastest progress.

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Clear Guidance:

We give you exact step-by-step instructions on what to study: which lessons to take, when to take practice tests, and how to review your mistakes.

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With weekly reports, progress trackers, and customized feedback, we motivate you to make more progress. You'll study more with PrepScholar than with any other program.

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Your TOEFL Study Plan, Hour by Hour →

First 10 Minutes: Signup and Prepare

First Hour: Take a Smart Diagnostic

Hours 2-10: Train Your Skills with Lessons

Hours 11-14: Take a Full-Length Practice Test

Hours 15+: Continue Your Customized Prep

Final Step: Ace the TOEFL iBT

PrepScholar guides you step by step through your TOEFL prep program. Master the TOEFL now.

Have any questions about our program?

Consult our FAQ, where we tell you how to get started and more details about how PrepScholar works.